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Printer Configuration

Enter information in BCSS about printers on the Printers tab, (File, Program Setup):

Select which printer(s) will be used to print -

See Thermal Labels for labels sizes and adjusting font size.

Select the Inventory Tab in Program Setup.

For sheet-label printing select Wide Format for laser-style printers or Narrow Format for dot matrix printers.

For sheet and thermal labels, choose to show Discount Price and 'Date In' or not.

Print Adjustment - Address and Price Labels - Laser or Dot Matrix Printers

Access screens for printing address or price labels by selecting Labels on the Main Menu:

Select Consignors (or Buyers in BCSS Diamond and Virtual) to print Address Labels or select Inventory to print Price Labels.

In the boxes on the lower-left of the screen, change settings for Left and Top left/right and up/down. Change settings for Row Space to increase/decrease the distance between printed lines.

(Note: Check 'Label Quantity = Item Quantity' to print multiple labels for the same item(s).)

Large changes are necessary to see significant changes in print position.

Some printers will require a negative number for correct printing.
(The value could be as much as -300 to -900.)

Record correct settings for future reference.
(Settings will be lost if Windows is reinstalled.)

The default values are: Left: 350; Top: 300; Row Space: 13.

Most laser-style printers use margin settings (Left) 350 and (Top) 800-850.

When the correct settings have been determined, record the settings (off of the computer) for future reference.

Print Settings for Bar Codes on Sheet Labels

These are the default settings for margins, rows and columns when printing bar codes on sheet labels. Changes in these values may be necessary to properly align print on labels. Print on plain paper first. Hold the printed page and a blank sheet of labels squared up to the light to see where print would have been positioned on the labels.

This screen appears after selecting 'Bar Codes on Avery Stock' then selecting one of the options on the Bar-Code Options Screen:


Top Margin: .1

Bottom Margin: .5

Rows: 10

Row Space: 1.04

Left Margin: .3

Right Margin: .5

Columns: 3

Change columns to '2' when printing 2-across labels.

For partially-used sheets, feed the used end first and enter the number of the next-available label to the right of 'Start printing at this label #'.

Check 'Bar Code Quantity = Inventory Quantity' if multiple labels are to be printed for the same item(s).

When the correct settings have been determined, record the settings (off of the computer) for future reference.

Support is free via email. For fee-based phone and remote-PC support please contact Joy Archer, enJoy Consigning Services, 972-898-7921, email

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