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(This feature is available in BCSS Diamond and Virtual.)

Import Buyer Data - Records for Buyers may be created or edited in BCSS in batch by importing data from a spreadsheet. Please see Data Import.

Add a New Buyer

Select New Buyer in the Buyers Menu. This screen opens:

The next available Buyer ID is auto-entered.

Enter as much information as desired. Enter a birth date and check Send Mailings if applicable.

Click the Demographics tab to enter that information or click OK to save the Record.

Delete a Buyer Record

Select a Buyer Record from the List and click Delete Buyer in the Buyer Menu. Some records cannot be deleted if they are tied to active transactions.

Edit an Existing Buyer

Double click on a Buyer Record to open its Edit Screen.

Change any information or add Notes then click OK to save changes. Note that a Buyer may be marked as Inactive at any time. This is useful for excluding 'Inactive Buyers' from buyer lists.

Sales Tax #

Edit a Buyer's record to add a Sales Tax # in the Tax Exempt ID Field.

User Text

The last field on the Demographics screen is 'User Text'. ('User' simply means that the person using BCSS determines or 'defines' what the text will be, hence, 'User Text'.)

Any 'string of characters' may be entered as 'User Text' to uniquely identify a Buyer or Buyers, then in reports Buyers may be grouped or singled out by the User Text.

For example, enter 'best' in this field for your 'best Buyers'. Later on create a Report and use the User-Text as the search parameter (or report filter), entering 'best' (without quotes).

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