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What Does 'Updating' Mean?

Every software program is a work in progress. Changes are made to improve features, stay current with technology and fix 'bugs'. 'Updating' is the process of acquiring the improvements by replacing the bcss.exe file (the application file containing the program code) with the newest one.

'Updating' is different from 'upgrading' (which is the purchase of a higher edition of BCSS (Deluxe, Diamond or Virtual) to acquire more advanced features.

Update Are Free

Most of the dollars you paid for BCSS go to professionals who work daily to keep your program 'updated'. In other words, 'software updates are free' in that they are included with your purchase. This is hugely different from other programs that deny software updates if their annual support fees are not paid.

Acquiring software updates is quite simple: 1. Download the new app file. 2. Save it to the BCSS folder on the computer, replacing the existing app file. 3. Reopen the program.

If the current version of BCSS is below 6.0.3333, it will also be necessary to send data files to zipfile@mm.st with your name, shop name and a note that you wish to update. When tech support returns the files to you, in addition to the steps above, just unzip them to C:\BCSS.

It's very important to understand that while the software update is free, help with installing it is not. Anytime BCSS or an associated technician is called upon to assist with anything for any reason, fees apply.

Update Announcements

Perhaps as often as once every six months, view the latest updates at https://www.bestconsignmentshopsoftware.com/update.htm to see if any new features are of interest.

Recent Changes

If you would like to have personal assistance, payment may be made online with a credit card. Click here. then click on 'Submit Payment' to proceed. Enter 29 for 'Amount' and click Submit. Once payment has processed, send an email letting us know that the payment has been made and include the reason for the payment, your name and store name.

The payment of $29 is for the expected time it takes on average to complete the update. Additional charges will apply for sessions exceeding 30 minutes.

Edition and Version #

The software edition and version appear in the upper left corner in BCSS. In this example the edition is Diamond and the version is 6.0.3677:

To Update Your Program:

If your version number is lower than 6.0.3333:

  1. Backup your data.
  2. Send Data to Support.
  3. After sending files to tech support please do not add/change data in BCSS until your files are returned to you. (You can look up information, print labels from existing entries, etc. but no new entries should be made and no existing data should be changed, so plan on doing an update when the program can be set aside for 24 hours or more. An opportune time might be after the close of business on the day prior to the day the shop is closed.)

  4. Uninstall the software.
  5. Delete the BCSS folder, C:\BCSS.
  6. Download the latest version and install it.
  7. When files have been returned to you, extract the files to the BCSS folder, C:\BCSS.
  8. Restart BCSS. The new update will have been applied. If you were experiencing a difficulty prior to the update, check to see that the problem has been resolved.
  9. Click on Help then Program Registration. Send an email to support if a Store ID and Code are required.

If the issue has not been resolved send an email directly to Tech Support along with your name, shop name, BCSS edition (Intro, Deluxe, Diamond or Virtual) the error message(s) (if any) and the actions that produce the error. Please be specific. Tech support will return your files if corrections were needed, or reply stating that the database is ok.

If the version number of your program is higher than 6.0.3333:

  1. Close BCSS.
  2. Uninstall the software.
  3. Delete the BCSS folder, C:\BCSS.
  4. Download the latest version and install it.
  5. Restore your data.
  6. Restart BCSS. The update will have been applied. If there was an issue prior to the update, check to see that it has been resolved.
  7. Click on Help then Program Registration. Send an email to support if a Store ID and Code are required.

Need help? Dawn Warfield has years of experience with BCSS and is very knowledgeable. Feel free to contact her: Office: 843-900-8152 Cell: 843-714-5894, dawn@consignmentsupport.com

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