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Pass the cost of credit-card processing on to your consignors by deducting a small % from settlements of credit-card sales, and/or add a small % to credit-card sales at POS. Any consignor or purchaser objecting can be excluded.

Your consignors (and vendors) can now view their account information online, on their computers or mobile devices.

Both of these features can be used to increase store profits. Call 888-427-5779 or email.

Software Updates Are Free

'Software updates' are software advancements that keep BCSS current with 1) changes in technology - mostly changes in Windows and 2) improvements in software features.

Updates are done in the background at no additional cost to BCSS clients, ergo 'free'.

To Update Your Program:

  1. Backup your data.
  2. Uninstall the software.
  3. Delete the BCSS folder, C:\BCSS.
  4. Download the latest version and install it.
  5. Restore the data.
  6. Restart the program.

Those steps replace the previous version of the software with the current version.

If a problem persists, in all probability it is not being caused by the software and assistance is needed.

Need Help?

We're crossing the 'proverbial red line' - going from 'free software updates' to 'I need help with my computer.'

Service Agreement Refresher

Of course local computer techs aren't going to know anything about the software. They 'should' be able to follow the instructions above but most of the time, they end up calling us for help regardless and when that happens shops get billed twice.

Customer support and tech support are the best (and least costly) options for assisting with issues beyond the free aspect of updating.

Your customer service rep is Joy Archer, Office: 888-427-5779, enjoybundles@gmail.com She is very capable of assisting you and will bill separately for her time (($20/15 minutes, minimum of $20 per incident).

It may be necessary for Joy to call upon tech support for BCSS to do technical work, like updating the database, repairing database corruptions, restoring data, etc. Their assistance will be billed separately from Dawn's help.

Update Announcements

Perhaps as often as once every six months, view the latest updates at https://www.bestconsignmentshopsoftware.com/update.htm to see if any new features are of interest.

Recent Changes

Need help? Joy has years of experience with BCSS and is very knowledgeable. Feel free to contact her: Office: 972-898-7921, enjoybundles@gmail.com

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