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Windows Vista/7/8/10

Windows Vista/7/8/10 'User Account Controls' is intended to provide additional security on computers which are used by more than one person. Only the 'Administrator' can make global changes on the computer (like installing software). The intrusion and inconvenience can be very annoying. (Click Start, Help, search for 'Administrator' to learn more.)

If you are the only person using the computer, or trust others who are using it, there is nothing to protect against. If you have employees, BCSS Diamond or Virtual will provide the means to block them from accessing confidential information in BCSS.

For Vista go to the Control Panel and click on User Accounts then click on 'Turn User Account Control on or off'. Uncheck 'User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer' and click 'OK'.

For Win 7/8/10 go to the Control Panel and click on User Accounts then click on 'Change User Account Control settings'. Drag the slider down to 'Never notify' and click 'OK'.

Open BCSS and try saving entries again. The problem should be resolved.

If BCSS is on a network and the issue has not been resolved, See 'Access Denied).

BCSS and Vista/7/8/10

  1. BCSS is updated frequently so download BCSS again to assure that you have the most recent version. Use these links for direct download:
  2. Make sure you are logged into Windows as Administrator. IF you are uncertain, reboot the computer. When the Windows Log In Screen appears, choose the Admin account.
  3. Double click on the installation file to install BCSS. (Windows may require a reboot.)
  4. After installation, on the Desktop, RIGHT click on the BCSS icon.
  5. Select Properties, click on Advanced and check 'Run as administrator' then OK.
  6. On the same Properties screen, click on Compatibility, then 'Change settings for all users', check 'Run this program as an administrator', and click OK twice.
  7. Click on the BCSS Desktop icon to run BCSS.

Some machines will not allow for the BCSS Desktop icon to be configured to run as XP compatible. If that happens, it will be necessary to start BCSS by right-clicking on the BCSS icon then selecting 'Run as administrator'.

If BCSS is not installed as XP Compatible and/or run as Administrator, the BCSS serial number (under Help, Program Registration) may be displayed as the letter 'L' which is an invalid serial number. Uninstall BCSS and follow the steps above to reinstall it with Vista.

Please note that BCSS is compatible with Vista/7/8/10. This cumbersome installation is a Microsoft requirement that applies to any and all software being installed on Vista 7/8/10 machines.

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