eBay Seller Software for Resale and Consignment

The eBay Seller Management Software integrated with Best Consignment Shop Software uploads your inventory items to your eBay account with a single mouse click.

Press another button to download eBay sales, record them in BCSS and remove sold items from inventory.

For consignments the program will credit the consignor's and the shop's accounts for the respective shares of sales proceeds.

For shop-owned items, all sales proceeds will be credited to the shop's account.

For both consignment and resale sales, reports show amounts owed to a consignor or all consignors as well as buying and selling prices for shop-owned items and profit/loss for any period of time.

Using BCSS the shop owner can decide when to 'settle' with each consignor and can easily do so with options to pay consignors by cash, check, PayPal or store credit.

Where possible, paying consignors with store credit reduces the number of payments (checks to write) and keeps the money 'in the store'. It also encourages your consignors to become buyers, using their credit to make purchases.

To encourage your clients to accept store credit as payment, BCSS includes an option to pay a bonus for store-credit settlement. For example, if the consignor split is 40%, the store might pay 50% for store-credit settlements.

Fees and Shipping

Any fee (including shipping and eBay fees) can be entered into the program and added to sales totals or deducted from settlement payments. The amounts of the deductions can be altered for every account, invoice or settlement.

Sales Tax

There are two default settings for sales tax in Program Setup which will be applied to all items unless designated elsewhere in the program, like assigning 'tax free' to categories or entire invoices, waiving tax for resellers and changing tax at POS. Complete shop reports include a breakdown of taxes taken in and owed.

Inventory Management

Each item entered into inventory can have its own consignor % so the amount to pay for one item might be 40% while another item could be a at 20% (for high-end items, friends, relatives, charities...)

Use categories to group inventory. Each item can be assigned to a category. Each category can be assigned a different tax rate (or 'tax free') and a different discount schedule (for reducing prices automatically over time according to preset time periods and percentages). Use Category Reports to know how much inventory of each item is on hand and when to reorder.


Write checks (one per page or 3 per page) and make other disbursements through BCSS or export data to QuickBooks. Data can also be exported in spreadsheet (csv) format for use in other programs.


Best Consignment Shop Software includes over 300 reports on buyers, consignors, sales, inventory and payouts for any period of time. There are 1-key-press reports for the most common information like Client Account History, Items Sold This Month, Items Entered/Sold/Settled Today.


Prices for this software are (much) lower than competing programs because price has not been padded with prepayment for support.

The overall/long-term cost of the software is fixed because there are no forced (or optional) monthly or annual support fees, and software updates are free. (Be sure to ask other vendors of the consequences of not paying their 'optional support fees'.)

The one-time price does include a free live demo. It only takes a few minutes to install the software, configure it for your business and walk through the process of creating a new-client account, entering inventory, uploading to eBay, downloading sales and producing reports. A detailed well-illustrated user's guide is included so it's entirely possible to purchase the program and not pay another dime for its use (excluding online reporting features at resell4.me).

Instead, if help is needed beyond the free demo, payment is made at the time help is rendered and at rates about half that of local IT services.

Online Reporting

We're taking a poll: Please send an email to consign@usa.com if you would like to have an option to post your clients' sales and inventory online for them to view securely on any device (desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones...). This feature is being considered to avoid phone calls and emails to the shop owner for account information. Using an assigned username and password each client would be able to log into http://www.resell4.me. To take a look, use user ID of 1, Store ID of 1 and a password of consign.