Free Consignment Software

"After extensive research I purchased BCSS. It will do more than most software programs available on the market for over $10,000." Louise Kneller, ReSALE Vintage Shop

Free Consignment Software?

Use the Free Edition of BCSS indefinitely without payment. The only limitation is 30 consignor records.

BCSS FREE© is a great learning tool for those new to consignment software and it makes a handy training aid for new employees.

Please visit the Intro Page for an explanation of the program & its features, and use the built-in Training Panel and Manual (F1) for illustrated instructions.

Please remember - BCSS FREE© includes free email support and phone help is available with Personalized Tutoring.

Other BCSS Editions provide advanced features like aged-inventory discounting, bar coding, employee management, networking, QuickBooks compatibility and thermal labels.

Other Free Software Offers

Exercise caution when considering a 'free consignment software program'. Anyone offering 'free consignment software' must still have a plan for making his effort profitable, so look for 'cost' in some other form, like help for an hourly rate and charges for 'customization'. The software may be 'free' but it's very unlikely that the provider is making it available out of the goodness of his heart.

Getting locked into 'free software' might also trap you into endless fees for support and software changes along with increasing rates.

Also, take a close look at the person offering free software. What is his commitment and capability of providing support in the future? What kind of service could you expect with one person trying to service 100 customers? 500 customers?

Click here to download BCSS FREE©

  • Strong Financials: We are diversified. Our bottom line doesn't rest solely upon consignment software.
  • Independence: BCSS is not 'programmer dependent'. We have service reps in CT, GA, NY, ON and TX.
  • Growth: By far we are the fastest-growing provider of consignment software in the world. Our client list spans the globe: the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Germany, Spain, UAE, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.
  • Reputation: Dell Computers and Intuit (QuickBooks) endorse BCSS & we are the only consignment software in Google's top results for 'consignment'.
  • Reliability: Microsoft's FoxPro 9.0 commercial-grade database software - used by the Department of Defense and the EuroTunnel Project.

  • 3-5 Year Warranties
  • eBook: "How to Start a Consignment Business" (52 pages)
  • Free 2-Day Shipping
  • Free Advertising
  • Free Daily Data Backups
  • Free Email Support
  • Free Software Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • No Add-On Fees
  • No Annual Fees
  • Resale Rights