Consignors Access Account Information Online

BCSS Virtual™ Benefits for Consignors and You

Your consignors can view their account information and Rewards Points online. We provide the server. You upload their information, assign usernames and passwords to your consignors and point them to our website.

At the end of each day (or more frequently) upload the data stored in BCSS™ to your Secure Internet Account. (BCSS makes no representations about server security.)

Consignors can add inventory online which can be downloaded at the shop into the batch-enter screen for editing and label printing.

Cost and Time Savings for You...

Of course providing online information will cut down on calls to your shop. Consignors can view their inventory items, quantities remaining and account balances online!

And a (Big) Profit Opportunity for Your Shop!

The first-year online access is $89 and the annual renewal is $189. Shops charge each consignor a nominal $2-$5 per year - not only to cover the cost but to make a profit, i.e., if 200 consignors pay $5 each, that's $1,000 in additional income less $189!

Download the new Virtual Demo here: