Vendor-Consignor Account Information Online

BCSS Virtual™ Benefits for Vendors/Consignors and You

Your vendors and consignors can view their account information online.

This is the view on a mobile phone:

We provide the server. You upload their information, assign usernames and passwords and point your clients to their sales and inventory information.

At the end of each day (or more frequently) click a link to upload the data to your Secure Internet Account - Takes less than a minute...

Cost and Time Savings for You...

Of course providing information online can reduce calls to your shop, freeing employees and you to attend to more productive things.

And a (Big) Profit Opportunity for Your Shop!

Shops charge each consignor a nominal $2-$5 per month which not only covers the cost of the service (starting @ $25/month) but produces an easy profit.

Those who don't wish to pay for the service can be excluded and they can continue to receive their account information as it is being provided without this feature.

Next Development: Customers (or anyone) can add inventory online which can be downloaded at the shop into the batch-enter screen for editing and label printing.

Download the new free Virtual Demo here: