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A Good Pawn Shop Software Program can get the job done at minimal cost.

Confused & uncertain? This website will clear the air and make your decision an easy one.

PPSS is in a class all its own with 9 software programs in one: Cash Checks, Consignment Software, Fingerprinting, Layaway, Pawn, Payday Loans, Rent and Resell.

PPSS is easy to learn. It's by far lowest in cost & the best employee: no mistakes, sick days, weekly paychecks, turnover or theft.

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"PPSS is by far the best value is pawn software." Brenda Hobbs, Sulfur Springs, TX
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Pricing - Our low prices are published on the website and there are no annual fees!

Reliability - PPSS is based upon Microsoft's best technology. You can spend your time running your business, not running to support.

Reputation - From the outset we offered our software with free email support and recently we have lowered prices.

Training and Service - Purchase includes free setup. Phone and remote PC assistance are optional.

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Latest News

9.2.2014 - Burrell pawn forms are now supported in all states.

11.11.2013 - New Online User's Manual

6.12.2013 - PPSS introduces customized pawn forms.

5.11.2013 - All editions of PPSS have been upgraded with Microsoft's Visual FoxPro 9.0 programming language to create and manage a robust high-performance 32-bit or 64-bit database application.

Pawn Online

A Jewelry Pawn Shop is the most common type of pawnshop and car title pawn is a popular type of pawn.

Pawn Online

A Jewelry Pawn Shop is the most common type of pawnshop and car title pawn is a popular type of pawn.

A pawn broker is one who lends money (usually at high interest rates), taking marketable assets like gold, jewelry and car titles from pawners as collateral. The amount is typically 40-50% of the value of the pawned item. On repayment plus interest, the pawned article is returned to the borrower. If payment is not made on time, the pawn becomes the property of the pawn broker and the debt is canceled.

A pawn ticket is issued to the pawner as a transaction record, including names and addresses, loan amount, terms and conditions.

A pawn broker might also purchase items outright in hopes of reselling them at a higher price. This is usually done when the pawn shop broker thinks the asset may be sold fairly quickly and/or at a high mark up.

There is a special edition of PPSS for Charlotte Police Reporting.

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