The Standard for Affordable Dependable Pawn Software

PPSS Intro, Deluxe, Diamond and 24karat Features

Deluxe/Diamond/24k:   Diamond/24k:
  • Free Email Support
  • Auto-Apply Fees & Interest
  • Barcodes on Price Labels
  • Check Cashing
  • Checks and Disbursements
  • Consignment Option
  • Detailed Inventory Records
  • Extensive Detailed Reports
  • Fee-Schedule Flexibility
  • Forfeitures and Loans
  • Gun and Police Reports
  • LEADS Online
  • Multiple Sales Tax Fields
  • Pawn Fees by Category
  • Pawn Tickets1
  • Pawns, Pawners, Buys, Redemptions
  • Payday and Title Loans
  • Pictures of Inventory and Pawners
  • Profit & Tax Reports
  • Prorated and Variable Pawn Interest
  • Quicken Checks Format
  • Resale and Rental Sales
  • Cash-Drawer Support
  • Drivers License Scan (24k)
  • Employee Management
  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Gold Calculator
  • Gun Log (24k)
  • Layaways
  • Many Styles of Price Labels
  • Multiple Computers
  • Thermal Price Labels
  • Thermal Receipts

1A customizable pawn form for printing pawn tickets on plain paper (except Florida). Do away with expensive pre-printed pawn tickets. Save time and money!  (Burrell Forms can also be used in all states. A customization fee would apply.)

Intro ($295) is a simple pawn software program with pawner, pawn and disbursement records, automated fees, adjustments, redemptions and forfeits. It prints checks, pawn and buy-outright tickets and reports. Resale (buy outright) is included. Consignment is available as an add-on module ($299). (more)

CPRS ($395) is Charlotte Police Reporting Software, a special edition of PPSS Intro for reporting gun and jewelry transactions to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. (more)

Deluxe ($595) adds gun and police reports, ATF Hold, L.E.A.D.S., pawn fees by category, payday/title loans, check cashing, rentals, pictures. (more)

Diamond ($795) provides the muscle a high-volume pawn business needs. It adds buyer records and supports bar coding, cash drawer/receipt printer, fingerprinting, layaways, networking, employee management, a gold calculator. (more)

24karat ($995) adds Gun Log, Drivers License Scanning (all states except GA and TX where scanning is not allowed). (more)