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What Can Computerization Do for You?

The right software provider and program will do nothing less than impress you, your employees and your customers. It will save you hours of time and bring new unexpected anticipation to opening the door every morning. It will complete remedial tasks in a snap and provide you with exact correct business reports. It will advance your computing skills and add considerably to your bottom line. You will get things done and you will feel great about owning it.

Information gets organized. Every detail about your business is located in one spot - on the computer, making it easy for everyone in the store to locate, add, edit and use information. Individual records for pawns, pawners, customers, loans, checks cashed and everything else unifies information and eliminates a lot of confusion.

Information is safe. PPSS includes two free ways to upload your valuable data files to our server for safe keeping. The program also includes provision for backing up data on external drives.

Proficiency increases dramatically. Taxes, interest, penalties, change due customers, order totals, sales reports - all are computed at a snap and without error. The savings from eliminating employee mistakes alone pays for PPSS many times over. This software stops wasting money!

Added Professionalism. How impressed are you when you do business with a business that is well organized and efficient? You're not kept waiting. Employees are free to assist you. You questions are answered quickly and correctly. You get a professionally-printed receipt and the correct change (the first time). You sense good management and will likely become a repeat customer.

That's what you can do with Pawnbroker Pawn Shop SoftwareTM!