Based Consignment Software on CRYPZ

There is a new malware threat that is very destructive, rendering data files (including BCSS files) unusable by compressing data files and changing the files' extension to .crypz. If BCSS stops working, open the BCSS folder on the C: drive and look at file extensions for .crypz.

It's probable that your computer doesn't show file extensions by default. To show file extensions (win7/8), go to Start then type 'show file extensions' and click on the topic presented. For Win10 just type the same phrase is the search box next to the Start Button. Uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types' and view the data files again.

The malware locks data files and asks for a ransom payment.

Searching the Internet for information and fixes, there is little available because 1) the attack is relatively new and 2) much of the available information is presented by those attempting to sell questionable solutions.

Possible CRYPZ Solutions:

1) Use Windows' System Restore. This may not work because System Restore doesn't affect data files.

2) Run Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool. (Google it.)

3) Pay the ransom with a credit card then file a chargeback. While that might sound 'risky', surely VISA (who makes chargeback decisions) is well aware of hijackers but a reason for considering this is that data files have been renamed and so far it looks like it would be necessary to rename each file separately if there are no backup files to drop in (replacing the infected files).

4) Reformat the hard drive (which will have other beneficial effects), reinstall Windows (preferably 7), run Windows updates and install only any other software needed for business.

CRYPZ Prevention:

If you are NOT infected yet:

1) Do not download anything from the Internet that isn't trustworthy.

2) It is suspected that this virus is communicated by email. Don't open any suspicious emails or attachments. You must be careful because the crooks know how to make an email appear to have been sent by someone you know.

3) Stop relying upon free anti-virus, Windows Defender or Windows Security Essentials. The one infection we know of had no anti-virus and was replying upon Defender. Use this link and look for 'free trial' on the page, and run an in-depth scan using ESET (which is the best anti-virus available). It just may find and remove other malware.

.crypz sneaks into the system unnoticed with the help of a Trojan horse that has already compromised the computer. The infection use the vulnerability created by the Trojan to spread. You won't know what has happened until the ransom demand appears.

It's possible that the infection will spread to other computers on the network which is why no one can assist with this remotely without risk.


BCSS is registered in the name of the person who paid for it. That person and only that person has the right to resell his/her copy of the software and can only resell one copy. Upon sale of the software, the seller pays a $50 transfer fee and the new owner pays a $149 registration. Free software updates, the right to resell the software and any free form of support does not transfer to the new owner, who will also pay an annual software maintenance of $125 year for two years starting with the anniversary of the sale.

"Free support" is of the software only (software updates). In the background a team of people work daily, at no additional cost to you, to keep the software current with changes in technology, making minor improvements and fixing bugs (which these days are uncommon.) "Free support" does not extend to customer support for any reason. When you need help, a BCSS rep is a logical choice because he or she is most familiar with the program and many of things that affect it. If you call for help, please adhere to the agreement that was made at the beginning which was, "The price of the software is much lower because price hasn't been padded with prepayment for support. The are no monthly or annual support fees. Payment for support is only made if support is needed." If you, your employees, your IT rep or anyone else requests assistance, the person providing assistance is to be compensated for his/her time. The minimum charge for phone calls and email responses is $10. The minimum charge for remote-pc sessions is $20.