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Consignment, Resale and Retail

Off-the-shelf accounting programs packages don't know about consignment fees, rental payments and credit-card charges. Antique Mall Software is specialized consignment-resale-retail inventory and point-of-sale software program for antique malls using the QuickBooks business management accounting program with features for simplifying and automating management of mall operations:

Antique Mall Software Diamond Edition

Each rental space is given a user-defined identification and in the program a vendor is assigned to each space with rental amount, due date, frequency of rent payment and a waiting list for the unit.

Each rentor is assigned a user-defined ID, often numbers, letters or a combination of numbers and letters.

Vendors can add their inventory to pre-formatted input spreadsheets which can be emailed to the mall owner or otherwise made available - for import into Antique Mall Software. Typically merchants do their own labeling adding their ID, description and price which the data-entry person enters into the program on the sales invoice at the point of sale.

The mall operator could print price labels and tags for vendors and shop-owned inventory. Mall management usually factors this expense and service into the rental agreement.

If barcodes are printed on tagging they can be scanned at checkout for faster processing. Each time the new-sale screen is opened or when a sale has been completed, the cursor is ready in the bar-code field for a scan. If no barcode is available, items may be entered by the Item ID, chosen from a pick list or entered as an unlisted item. For the latter the program will assign an Item ID when the vendor is chosen from a list of vendors.

Settlements of sales can be made at any time - usually at month's end and all at once to expedite the process. The program can auto deduct rent from sales proceeds and can produce a report of vendors whose sales were insufficient to cover the amount of rent, including the shortage amount. Settlements can be printed out (with notes printed) for delivery. Each account has an onscreen Account History delineating the activity that produced the account balance.

With this version of the software data can be exported in QuickBooks format and imported into QuickBooks.

The data exported is all data recorded in Antique Mall Software including consignment account balances and payouts, rental payments made as well as breakdowns of sales taxes and credit-card fees. (An option is available to pass credit-card cost on to vendors and/or those making purchases - where allowed).

Antique Mall Software Virtual Edition

A fair amount of time can be spent answering the repetitive questions, "What's sold?" and "How much have I sold?" Vendors are often eager to learn this information and consume too much time so to that end, the Virtual edition of Antique Mall Software uploads inventory and sales data and account balances to a secure website ( where merchants can log in at their leisure to view account information.

This edition of the software can also download data that vendors have entered on The data is downloaded into the inventory batch-edit screen where changes can be made and tags/labels can be printed. Once the data is saved, the inventory is added to vendors' accounts where it becomes available for sale.

A new feature allows the store to set a time of day for the uploads to take place automatically. The computer must be on and the program must be open for this to take place. Data can also be uploaded/updated manually for individual or all clients.

Virtual is directly integrated with QuickBooks. Once Company Name and Company file have been recorded in Antique Mall Software, data can be transferred directly to QuickBooks, eliminating the need to export from our program to QuickBooks.

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