Basic Software Features

Best Consignment Software is a low-cost program with all the basic features for consignment, resale, retail and rental with no ongoing forever fees. Start small with one low payment and expand as business and computer skills grow.

Consignment Software

Resale Software

Resale for software purposes is the buying of merchandise from individuals for reselling. The program can record information about each seller as well as buy and sell prices, profit and loss and financial reports for any period of time.

A purchase agreement can be printed when items are purchased, spelling out the store's and the seller's information, a description of articles purchased, prices paid, total and terms.

Items can be entered into inventory quickly using a simple input screen. If desired, price labels or hang tags can be printed at the point of entry or they may be printed at a later time.

Unlike consignment of course purchased items become the property of the purchaser and can also be discounted automatically as defined by discount schedules (which may be applied to individuals pieces of to categories of inventory).

Retail Software

Retail purchases are those made from suppliers like wholesalers, manufacturers, importers, distributors, etc. Selling retail in as opportunity to increase shop profits by offering new items in addition to used merchandise. If the store sells women's clothing, for example, a small display of earrings costing $1 each and selling for $3, a 200% markup...

Rental Software

'Rent' in Best Consignment Shop Software takes two forms:

Features of All Versions of the Software -

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