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    • Consignment: Sell others' items.
    • Buy Outright: Buy from others and resell.
    • Retail: Buy from businesses and resell.
    • Rent: Rent floor space and merchandise.
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BCS may very well be the ONLY software offering that does NOT have one method or another of deriving a steady flow of income from your business.

Web-based software has an endless monthly fee. The software stops working when payments stop. This is by far the most expensive form of 'consignment software'.

Vendors with 'optional annual support fees' have those fees in place for a reason: They are completely fully aware that you will need help from time to time and/or their software programs are going to have issues which require updating, so the plan is to deny service (in any form) and withhold updates to force payment of those 'optional' fees. If they are there expect to pay them.

If you add additional computers you'll pay more for each copy and the amount of the annual support fee will be increased. The annual fee itself has been consistently increased over the past 20 years.

Future costs can be more than the initial outlay. If you open a second location web-based will double your monthly cost while our friend at Conpro will charge full price for another copy of the software.

The hidden cost of any software program is the future cost of replacing it when the 'creator' is no longer around. Case in point: 'Consign-pro' written and totally dependent upon one person for longevity. Not a good choice to pay $1300 plus for a home-made software program dependent upon one individual.


Every person and each item can have a different 'consignor %' (the share of sales proceeds paid to consignors). A special tool allows for consignor % to be changed for all items for one person or for all clients.

Each category can have its own tax treatment (tax free, taxed under, taxed at) and each category can have its own discount schedule for auto discounting by time and percentage.

Easy reports at the end of each day (week, month, quarter, year) let you know exactly how you're doing every step of the way.

Resale (Buy Outright, BOR)

Use the program to record information about sellers and the items they sell to you. (If something turns up fake, stolen or in question, the program will identify the seller.)

BCS keeps track of buy and sell prices and computes profit/loss - per item, per category, per period of time.

As with consignment BCS supports POS equipment like barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers.


The program uses a shop account (or house account) to transact in merchandise purchased from suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc - other businesses.


Two types of rental sales can be conducted using BCS:

Mall floor space rental for collecting rent payments from vendors renting booths, display units, mall spaces, etc. The mall operator can make POS sales for vendors and deduct sales from monthly rent. A report is available showing who was short on sales for the month and the amounts. With Virtual vendors can access their account infor online and add inventory.

Merchandise can be rented out (DVDs, equipment, electronics, vehicles...)


Inventory control and management is extensive in BCS. The program auto assigns a barcode to each item entered into inventory. The barcodes are typically scanned at checkout and can be scanned to find an inventory record.

Each inventory item can be assigned to a category. Each category can have it's own discount schedule for automatic discounting of aging inventory as well as individual tax treatment.

Batch functions consolidate tasks making data entry and data changes 'global' for faster processing.


On the new-sale (invoice) screen up to five invoices can be opened at any time, allowing clerks to process the next person in line if the current checkout wishes to continue shopping. Sales can also be put on hold.

Any sale can be flagged as a layaway and a payment schedule can be completed at POS or later.

Sales can be discounted, by dollar amount or percentage per line item and per invoice. Invoices can be tax free (for resellers).

Any credit-card processor can be used with BCS as the program is not tied credit-card processing. Circling back to the competition, those 'integrated' with credit-card processing are probably getting a kick back from the processor on every sale.