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Deluxe bcss-deluxe.exe
Deluxe No Internet at Shop bcss-ni-deluxe.exe
Diamond bcss-diamond.exe
Diamond No Internet at Shop bcss-ni-diamond.exe
Intro bcss-intro.exe
Intro Free bcss-intro-free.exe
Virtual bcss-virtual.exe
Consignment Sales Tracking Software csts-diamond.exe | Webpage
PIRS (Price It Right! Software) pirs.exe | Webpage
Used Book Consignment Software ubcs-diamond.exe | Webpage

BCSS Application Files (Current Best) (on www.resell4.me)

Deluxe deluxe/bcss.exe
Deluxe No Internet at Shop nibdeluxe/bcss.exe
Diamond diamond/bcss.exe
Diamond No Internet at Shop nibdiamond/bcss.exe
Intro intro/bcss.exe
Intro Free intro-free/bcss.exe
Virtual virtual/bcss.exe

BCSS Website Pages

Administrator (run as) administrator.htm
Barcodes and Labels Explained barcodes-inventory.htm
Compare BCSS Editions more-comparison.htm
"Crashing" maintain.htm
Demo Online bcss-tutor.htm
Download Page kapersky.htm
Facebook Page facebook.com/Consignment.Software
Hardware Used w/BCSS hardware.htm
Installation Instructions bcss-install.htm
Manual BCSS Manual
Order Page https://www.bestconsignmentshopsoftware.com/zen/
PC Maintenance maintain.htm
Receipts: Extra Paper Feeds extra.htm
Sample Data Database Demo.zip
Testimonials consignmentsoftwarereviews.htm
Thermal Labels Page consignmentsoftwarereviews.htm
Twitter https://twitter.com/bcss
Updates update.htm
Windows User Account Controls turn-uac-off.htm

Computers, Networks, (free) Software, Windows

Browser Hijacking Remove Browser Redirects
Cat5 vs Cat6 cableorganizer.com
CheckDisk (CHKDSK) chkdsk.htm
Compress a File compress-files.htm
Compression Software (7-Zip) 7-Zip.org
Computer Scan for Issues Advanced System Optimizer
Database Recovery Software dbf2002.com/dbf-recovery
Internet Speed Test Speedtest.net
MoneyPak Virus 32 Bit
MoneyPak Virus 64 Bit
PC Audit belarc.com
PDF Creator Software PDFCreator.com
Performance Test passmark.com/download/pt_download.htm
Processor Comparison cpubenchmark.net/common_cpus.html
Transfer Large Files We Transfer
Transfer Large Files - Instructions send-data-files-free.htm
Windows Commands Prompt Commands
Windows Snipping Tool snippingtool
Windows Step Recorder Windows psr.exe

Epson Thermal Receipt Printers: 562-276-1314 | POS Printers | Website

Epson Driver TM U-220 pre-64 bit APD_407EWM.exe
Epson Driver TM U-220 win7 64-bit APD_453E.exe

Fingerprint Reader: | Manual | Website

Secugen Hamster IV Driver 32 Bit
Secugen Hamster IV Driver 64 Bit

Labels - Sheet and Thermal

Kenco Labels 800-865-3626 BCSS Labels Chart | Website

Dymo Label Printers - Reasons not to use them.

Dymo Label Printers Windows 10 - Driver Download.


POS-X: 800-790-8657 or 360-738-8433 | Chat | Formmail | Forum | Website

Current Hardware Being Sold

ION Cash Drawer POS-X Webpage | Driver | Videos
ION Thermal Receipt Printer POS-X Webpage | Driver | Manual | Videos
ION Short Range Scanner POS-X Webpage | Manual | Videos
XM-95 Strip Reader POS-X Webpage | Config Utility | Driver | Videos

Previous Models

EVO Cash Drawer Prolific Driver (previous) | USB Driver | PL2303 Driver v1.5 | PL2303 Driver v1.7 | Videos
EVO Laser Scanner Manual | Videos
EVO Thermal Receipt Printer POS-X Webpage | Driver | Manual | Videos
XI-3200 Scanner Manual
ScanSource: 800-944-2439 x4002
(option 5)

ScanSource supports POS-X and Zebra shipped by us. BCSS account # (227590).

PPSS Download (Installation) Files (on www.resell4.me)

24k ppss-24k.exe
Charlotte ppss-intro-charlotte.exe
Colorado Springs ppss-CS-diamond.exe
Deluxe ppss-deluxe.exe
Diamond ppss-diamond.exe
Europe ppsse-diamond.exe
Intro ppss-intro.exe
St. Pete ppss-stpete-diamond.exe
Savannah ppss-savannah-diamond.exe
Wisconsin ppss-Wisconsin-diamond.exe

PPSS Application Files (Current Best) (on www.resell4.me)

24K p24k/ppss.exe
Deluxe pdeluxe/ppss.exe
Diamond pdiamond/ppss.exe
Euro peuro/ppss.exe
Intro pintro/ppss.exe
Thumbprint Driver 32bit

PPSS Website Pages

Download Page download-pawn-software.htm
Manual Online bcss.name/ppss-manual/index.html
Manual Online Zip bcss.name/ppss-manual.zip
PPSS Install resell4.me/ppss-install.htm
Updates pawn-software-updates.htm

TSC Thermal Label Printers: 909-525-9779 | Downloads | Loading Labels Video | Website

Diagnostic Tool TSC_diagnostic_tool.html
TDP 225 2" (like Zebra 2824) Driver | Webpage
TDP 244 4" (like Zebra 2844) Driver | Website
TDP 247 4" (like Zebra 2844) Driver | Webpage
Driver TSC_7.2.2_M-3 (Gleason for BCSS) Driver

Zebra Thermal Label Printers: 847-634-6700 | Email | Website

Zebra Drivers zebra.com/...html?printerid=62
Zebra LP 2844-Z Support Webpage lp-2844-z.html

Too many problems with Zebra. Recommend TSC TDP 244.

Error Solution
107 Replace app file - Also shows up if a report with no filters exceeds the RAM limitation of the print-preview component. Rerun the report and use filters to reduce the # of records.
10### Usually Internet connection issues
11 Update database
125 Printer not read
111 Permissions Issue. Assure that the user logged into Windows (should be Admin) has permission to access the file or folder. Right click on the file or folder then Security. Add 'Everyone' as a user and give full control.
125 Printer not read
15 Make a backup of C:\BCSS then replace the bcoptions cdx and dbf files with the same files from the blank database folder (C:\BCSS\blank db)
1806 Update database
1884 Appears most often when attempting to use a duplicate Item ID for buy outright. View inventory to see the next Item ID. Open a new-item record and use the next Item ID.
1925 Un/reinstall using current installer.
Access Denied https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2623670