Consignment FAQ's

Thanks for asking! We welcome the opportunity to respond to your questions and to others' comments about BCSS™.

Best Consignment Shop Software FAQ (Not your usual 'FAQ')

The #1 Question: "Why Are Your Prices so Low?"

Quite simply, we want your business. It's just a matter of competition for market share. Maybe the 'real question' is the next one:

How Can You Keep Your Prices so Low?

1. Since our beginning in early 2001, our top search-engine rankings have provided 'free advertising' and plenty of traffic to our site, saving a considerable amount in advertising cost and assuring that most buyers of consignment software knew about us.

2. We are well managed and BCSS™ has strong financial backing. Earning a good reputation and cornering market share have been top priorities.

Is Your Low Cost a Reflection of a Poor Product?

Of course not. Just the opposite. As you'll see when using the demo, BCSS™ is beautiful! It's design brings functions and information to the surface within easy reach. It's powerful, reliable and clearly deserving of endorsement from Dell and Intuit (QuickBooks). Anything you may have heard to the contrary probably came from an unprofessional competitor trying to convince you that you should pay more (and annual fees) for similar software.

Why Should I Use BCSS™?

Our competitors answer that question best. They copy our content, imitate our ideas, even infringe upon our name. Some stoop to slandering us in public. Why?

Basketball players often said that they found themselves standing aside watching Michael Jordan in amazement, knowing they would never be able to compete on his level.

Some vendors can't lower prices because of high overhead. Others think that getting a lot of money from one user is just as good as getting one-third as much from 3 users.

BCSS™ is simply, clearly the best choice - not because we say so, but because our customers, Dell Computers, Intuit, Google and all the top reputable online software review sites hold BCSS™ in high regard.

It Sounds Too Good to Be True

Software programs, costs and providers are in fact dramatically different. We've been asked many times, "What's the catch?". There isn't any. We simply have the means and opportunity to be extremely competitive. Our users enjoy the benefits and we can take pride in a good reputation.

Filter out the noise. Use the free and fully-functional demo. Form your own opinion and trust it. Trust us. There are no hidden fees or 'gotchas' after the money-back period. We provide a written Purchase Order prior to purchase. It is unlikely that you will have a problem with our software but if you do we will fix it at no charge.

If you are considering another program, ask for a written list of all fees and adverse provisions (including restrictions on reselling the software). If you get the run around, come back. We have nothing to hide; you have everything to gain and you will be more than welcomed.