Remote PC Assistance

Connect BCSS Computer with Team Viewer

This link must be given to those who want you to connect https://www.

That will assure they will run Team Viewer v.8.

Be prepared, about 30% will end up with a higher version and you'll have to send this:

"Sorry for the run around but we need for you to run v.8 of Team Viewer. Please uninstall Team Viewer and use this link to run it, and reply with the ID again."


When they use that link:

1) Chrome will not let the user know what is happening and will only add this icon to the lower-left browser window (which some people can't see because they can't see the entire Chrome window) so you may have to make them aware of how to proceed. (Chrome will have placed the file tv-bcss.exe in the downloads folder. The user should click on the icon (shown above) to run tv-bcss.exe. If the browser has been closed, run tv-bcss.exe from the downloads folder.

2) Internet Explorer will display this at the bottom of the screen Again, users may not have the full screen in view. It's easiest and less confusing to use IE but lots of people don't use it so we just have to have instructions for the most common browsers. Just click on Run to run tv-bcss.exe.

3) Firefox is similar to Chrome, throwing the tv-bcss.exe file into the downloads folder. Users are to know to use the down arrow to find the downloaded tv-bcss.exe and run it from there.

When tv-bcss.exe is run this should appear:

'Your ID' is the number they should give to you. The password will always appear as ****.

When you run Team Viewer from the desktop icon you should see:

If there is anything in the Partner ID field, remove it and type in the user's 9-digit ID and click on Connect to Partner. You should see:

Type the password ooo999 (lower case o's) and click Log On.

Be prepared for:

1) An alert that the remote computer is running a newer version of Team Viewer

2) A warning that Team Viewer is unable to connect. People start Team Viewer, send the ID then close Team Viewer so you have to send this:

We aren't able to connect via Team Viewer. The connection will have been lost if the Team-Viewer screen was closed or if the computer was rebooted.

Please click on this link https://www. and run Team Viewer, then reply to this email with the User ID and leave Team Viewer running so support can connect to your computer. Do this for every computer using the program.

(They could just run Team Viewer again from the downloads folder but that requires more instructions on how to find the downloads folder, so it's easier to just have them click on the link again - which is why multiple instances of tv-bcss.exe end up in the downloads folder.)

3) The Team Viewer network can be cantankerous. As much as they push users (like us) of previous versions of Team Viewer to upgrade, I wouldn't doubt that they have ways of interfering with the use of lesser versions.

4) (Be prepared for) miracles. Shop owners using wireless Internet services unreasonably expect that "high-speed wireless" (no such thing) not be an impairment to connecting to their computers and carrying out functions (like uploading/downloading files). Some wireless connections are so bad that remote service can't be accomplished.

On the Control Panel or Dashboard, clicking on Computers and Contacts (lower right) will bring up the following when we have you correctly set up in Team Viewer as a member:

Every computer that is logged onto Team Viewer will be listed. If a shop is listed and you are to log onto it's computer, connect by clicking on the name in the list.

Things to know about Team Viewer:

The first thing to know is that Team Viewer constantly nags so just ignore them.

Team Viewer has been known to block BCSS. Even though they have been notified and have said that they made corrections, on rare occasion you might have to added bcss.exe to allowed programs in Team Viewer. On the Team Viewer control panel, go to Extras > Options > Advanced > Show Advanced Options > QuickConnect button > Configure. Type bcss.exe and click Add. OK. If any other program stops working after Team Viewer has been placed on the computer, see if this procedure resolves the issue. While there on the Advanced tab, make these settings:

On a remote computer that is already lacking in resources, Team Viewer can be taking up valuable needed power. A solution would be to leave Team Viewer running, access the computer using, shut Team Viewer down and continue to work through ammyy.

Lastly, when someone starts the remote connection, this disclaimer is presented:

By requesting and accepting a remote session, you accept responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings. BCSS or PPSS or our vendors ("We") do not assume and are not responsible for any liability resulting from the linking and viewing of any desktop content, the operation of the remote access software, or system performance. Be sure to close any confidential file before allowing remote access. You might also remain present at your desktop throughout the session. It is your responsibility to assure that you have a working copy of your data files. We will not be held responsible or liable for any data loss. For assistance with data backup, please refer to the Admin Section in the User's Guide. We cannot guarantee that all issues will be immediately remedied or resolvable, or that attempting to resolves issues won't result in the discovery of additional problems. Once a session has ended, we cannot access your computer again without a new password from you. By accepting a remote session you 1) accept responsibility for any changes made, 2) ensure all data has been duplicated, 3) have closed any confidential information, 4) acknowledge that some issues can't be resolved remotely, and 5) agree to remit payment at session end. Please have credit-card information available.