'The New BCSS™' At Your Finger Tips!

Automating Manual Tasks so You Can Concentrate on Business and Customers!

One-Press It's not always convenient to sit down, locate the mouse, find the right link and click, so there's Keyboard Shortcuts!

Press F2 to Add a Consignor, F3 to Add Inventory, F4 for Layaways, F5 for Rentals, F6 to Process a Sale, F7 to Process a Settlement, F8 for Items Entered Today, F9 for Sales Today, F11 for Settlements Today, or 'Drawer' (or the UP arrow) to open the cash drawer. It's that easy!

Batch Process Perform the same task on a group of records at the same time and save time!

Batch add, edit, settle. Print multiple checks and labels. Batch or auto discount, and batch delete - even by category or by consignor.