'The New BCSS™'   Informative and Fast!

Thorough Detailed Reporting - 'Front and Center' Actions!

One Click Important tasks and information always on top and easy to reach!

Quick Links in Every Work Area

Example Select a Consignor and One Click Account History to instantly view all of the following information:

Account Balance Purchases Beginning Account Balance Cash Payments Consignor % for each item Consignor ID Credit Balance In Dates and Quantity Invoice Dates/Numbers Items Consigned, Descriptions and Prices Last Sale Date Settlement Amounts and IDs Total Settlement Due Settlements for Credit Total Purchases and Tax

Quick Pay Consignors!

1. Press Settlement. Process the Settlement.
2. Print a check, pay cash, pay via PayPal and/or issue a store credit. Done!

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Quick, Easy and Complete Your customers will be impressed with your organization and you'll be impressed with BCSS™!