What make software 'the best'?

    • Lowest Cost?
    • Features?
    • Service?
    • Reputation and Longevity?
    • Basics Video

Like most investments 'the best consignment software' is the one that has the highest ROI (Return On Investment). Successful entrepreneurs push past sales hype and tactics to find answers to "What will it do for me?". "How much does it cost now?" and "What will it cost in the future?".

What will it do for me?

With few exceptions every program provides the basics of customer and inventory management, sales and settlement processing, reports and data export (for use in other programs).

Most programs print consignment and buy-outright agreements, labels, tags, receipts, checks and reports.

A program like Best Consignment Shop Software's Deluxe Edition does all of that for 1 payment of $395.

Everything else is 'bells and whistles' with competing programs starting at $1,100 and up.

How much does it cost now?

No, not just 'today' but for the next 12 months. Sales slogans like 'Only $99 to start' and 'Low monthly payment' target those focused only on 'price', not 'cost' as though they intend to be in business for just one month. People selling software are are most skilled at preying upon this myopic view.

Dig deep enough and the differences between cost now and cost in the future are two hugely different things to those who step into price trapping after purchase.

How much will it cost in the future?

Many a store owner in the past two decades has paid far more to software vendors after purchase - partly if not mostly because software vendors succeeded at hiding post-purchase fees and expenses.

It's only necessary to read websites and listen to sales pitches to conclude that providers of software think they are quite skilled at deceiving potential customers about real long-term expenses:

  1. Liberty and 'Conpro' both represent their annual support plans as "optional". If that were so why have them at all? Surely anyone would opt to not pay a fee if it's not required. Ask those who have fallen for this what happens when they need help or a software bug fix. When they have called for help, they were greeted with "Are you enrolled in our annual support plan?"
  2. Wilson at 'Conpro' offered a 'free update' to several users who opted to not pay his annual support fee. The 'update' disabled their software and he refused to remove the planted bug until they agreed to pony up.