Booth Tracker Management Software

Low-Cost Software for Booth Rentals

With a little bit of effort it becomes apparent that software and equipment for managing booth-space rental can be very costly.

Whether your business is shopping and flea markets, trade shows, antique malls, events and conferences the payment for the booth-tracking features of Best Consignment Shop Software is one time for lifetime use. There are no forever fees. Shipping is free and there is no sales tax (except TX). The overall cost is especially reasonable when compared to Boothtracker, Campground and Redbooth.

With the BCSS booth-tracking module, each booth space is given an ID and a name and it is associated with the vendor renting the space. The amount of rent is recorded and can be deducted from vendor sales bi-weekly or monthly. A person or entity can also be recorded as waiting to rent the space when it becomes available.

Booth tracking is one of the main features of Best Consignment Shop Software along with the processing of consignments, buy outright (resale) and retail transactions.

BCSS is a fully-featured consignment software. Consignors and their items can be tracked. Each consignor (vendor) can have a different percentage split and different categories of merchandise can be taxed separately (no tax, tax above, tax at). At (monthly) settlement rent can be paid from vendor sales and a report of those falling short can be produced.

'Buy outright (or resale) is the purchase of merchandise from individuals for resale. Information about sellers can be recorded and 'settlement' usually takes places at the time inventory becomes property of the shop (owner). Buy and sell prices are recorded and the program computes profit/loss for each item and for any period of time.

Retail for software purposes refers to the purchase of merchandise for resale from companies (not individuals) like suppliers, wholesalers, crafters, etc.. It isn't necessary to record information about suppliers

Booth Tracker Functions

  • Bad-check list
  • Sales activity report for any period
  • Deduct any extemporaneous fee.
  • Floor plan of information about spaces occupied or vacant
  • Inventory pre-entered or not - Can be mixed on the same sales document.
  • Mailbox notes
  • Pending sales - Start a sale and put it on hold.
  • Rental merchandise sales (Returns of such merchandise is anticipated and tracked in reports.)
  • Reports for house accounts and consignors separated.
  • Waiting list for rental of space

Mall Sales

  • Apply tax to invoices or to items individually
  • Automated tax computation and net due/payable amounts
  • Buyer fee option
  • Detailed printable invoices
  • Discount an invoice or each item individually
  • Drop-down menus for payment type and terms
  • Several tags - bar codes
  • Second-tax option
  • Sort by date, invoice, status, name, type of payment and total
  • Split payment up to six ways
  • User-customized forms

This booth-tracking software cannot be paid for until the business owner is completely satisfied that the program has all necessary features and works as expected on the computer to be used so please avail yourself of the free personal demo and start by downloading the demo version.

Trade Show Software Exhibitors Management App

One payment for easy software and hardware systems, products and solutions.

Best Consignment Shop Software combines floor-space rental with a variety of transactions including consignment, buy outright (resale), retail, rentals (of merchandise as well as floor space) and layaways.

BCSS includes a fully-feature POS system for processing vendor (exhibitor) sales where applicable. Sales tax options include 'tax-free', 'tax at or above' and 'tax at' (some %) which can be applied to specific or general categories.

Multiple stations can be connected and use the same data. Retail products (purchased from suppliers) and resale items (purchased from individuals) can be sold by trade-show management and employees.

Exhibitor merchandise can be sold at POS stations. Trade-show management can share in exhibitors' sales proceeds, or not, and of course each floor space can be tracked with amounts of rent to be paid and due dates. Deductions from sales can be made for advertisements, rents, card-processing and sales tax.

Optional (paid) services allow vendors to enter their inventory online which can be downloaded by the software user. Price labels with barcodes could be printed for expeditious checkout.

We cannot accept payment for the program until the trade-show manager approves the purchase so take advantage of a live demo on the show's computer to assure that all needed features are present and working properly.