Complete Software Program

On a budget? You'll pay once to own Best Consignment Shop Software and use it for a lifetime.

Pay $295 once for the low-priced Intro edition to process sales at POS. It's a inexpensive program to help startups and small shops delve into computerization economically without having to spend lots of time and money getting up to speed. Reasonable allowances are granted toward upgrades and it even exports in spreadsheet and QuickBooks formats.

The Deluxe edition of Best Consignment Shop Software at $395 is fully featured but still affordable for new businesses, in part because as with all editions of the software, there are no endless fees. ;Rock-bottom prices; doesn't mean cut-rate software. Deluxe includes inventory and client management, point-of-sale and settlement processing and prints everything (agreements, labels and tags, receipts, checks and reports) on plain paper using any ink printer. Literally over 1,000 consignment and resale shops have purchased and used Deluxe for years without spending another penny. Now that's economical!

Diamond is the next step up in affordable software, adding customer management (buyers as opposed to consignors), networking (multiple computers together to share the same database), employee control and tracking, and thermal labels and hang tags. There's also an included module for running a mall-type business (flea market, shopping or antique mall, events).

Even at $795 the Virtual edition is very reasonable when compared to other software choices. Clients and vendors can view account information and add inventory (which can be downloaded at the shop). These features do require web hosting ($25/month).

Credit-card charges can be passed on to consignors at settlement and/or to shoppers at POS (where allowed). A percentage is set in the program and is auto-applied at settlement and/or checkout. Any client can be excluded from the charge by flagging his or her account or removing the add on at point of sale. (This is an optional module for $19.95/mo. and that too can be passed on.

Prices for new hardware (scanners, cash drawers, receipt and label printers) are also discounted 3 ways:

As business owners and shoppers ourselves, we are all too well aware of the aggravating strategy of padding profits by adding costs during the ordering process, particularly AFTER being asked for payment information. Not at BCSS...

The software is delivered by download and hardware shipping is 2-3 days in the lower 48, but before making any buying decisions, a free live demo is recommended prior to purchase to assure that all needed features are available and that the software works properly. The demo can be performed remotely. Here's a video overview.

Post-Purchase Fees

You might see a software vendor charging $100/month or more then advertising "Free support! Free updates!" Nonsense. The payment is $100/month to keep the software running. No $100? No software...

If you're annoyed by all the sale hype and the deceptions, that's perfectly understandable. Vendors have had years of practice in selectively wording pre-sale cover up of post-sale expenses. Look ahead: How much does it cost to add a second computer? A second user? Another location? You will be locked into the software you choose so knowing future costs is actually knowing "How much to start?".