Buy Outright Software

Manage a buy-sell business at minimal cost.

Low-Cost Buy Outright Software

What is Buy-Outright Software?

Buy-outright software is a Windows-based app for managing the business of buying merchandise from individuals and reselling it.

Buy-outright software differs from retail software in that the latter manages the buying and reselling of merchandise from businesses like suppliers, wholesalers, importers - as opposed to 'people'.

Buy-outright software is different from consignment software in a few ways:

  • In consignment payment is made to the owner of the consigned item after it sells. With BOR 'settlement' takes place at the time goods are delivered and payment is made to the seller.
  • With consignment ownership of the consignments remains with the owner when with BOR ownership passes from seller to buyer upon purchase.
  • Consignment can take place with businesses or individuals. From a software perspective BOR only involves transactions between individuals.

Best Consignment Shop Software handles all 3 types of transactions: buy outright, consignment and retail.

BCSS includes all of these features at one low price and without the usual annoying monthly or annual support fees. You buy it. You own it for lifetime use. There are no prepayments for support and there are no ongoing fees, that way, if you don't need help you will not have wasted money transferring dollars from your bank account to that of a software developer.

BCSS cannot be purchased until the shop owner confirms that the software does all that is necessary and works properly on the shop computer(s), so please take advantage of the pre-sale live demo. Start by downloading the software then watch this video on Exhibit Management Software.