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Solutions for Cheap Office Printers

Budget-minded business owners often pay less for 'bargain' printers online then spend the savings on IT help fixing the reasons why the printer was dumped by the previous owner. Here are tips for struggling with 'cheap printers'.

Common Printer Problems

By far the most common problem with printers is lack of knowledge and skills. Printers have a long way to go before catching up with our plug-and-go expectations. Knowledgeable and skilled users will experience far fewer problems and spend far less time resolving issues that do arise. The rest of us will spend hours, not struggling with printers that 'don't work' but with our lack of understanding as to how to use them correctly.

The second most common cause of issues with printers is buying inferior or used/refurbished equipement with the expectation that they will not only 'work' but work as well, perhaps, as a new printer - at least close enough to get by on a tight budget. The scenario that plays out under these circumstances is that the money saved by purchasing used equipment (someone else's problems) is spent on fixing the reasons why the printer was sold to the bargain hunter.

Should any store owner build the foundation of his or her business on inferior or used equipment? Should the samem person (unreasonably) expect that someone, anyone will be able to make the bargain printer work, and if in fact it's just broken or otherwise inoperable, should others lose money by investing their time in a piece of equipment chosen by the buiness owner? No. If you want to purchase hardware that isn't recommended by the software provider and if you want anyone (including the software provider) to attend to your eBay gem, then the risk of it not working falls squarely in your lap and you should compensate anyone you ask to assist you in 'making it work' and when it doesn't, take responsibility and absorb the loss.

How Windows Printers Work

Software programs do not print to printers. They send print jobs to Windows which interprets print jobs and relays them. There are many issues with Windows printing. (See https://www.google.com/search?q=windows+issues+with+printing .) If you're lucky, you'll get a printer that is not a lemon. You'll have a clean installation of Windows that is not corrupted and confused. You'll be using a computer that hasn't been hacked, attacked and infected with malware, and printing will hum along forever.

For the rest of us, attempting to print will be a potential struggle with every press of the print button and if we are not knowledgeable and skilled in the way of printers, Windows and printing, we should be prepared to do one of two things: learn or pay.

Fix Many Printing Issues Easily

Printer issues are innumberable because new ones crop up with regularity. Keeping printers (actaully Windows) performing as expect requires some effort, which is why there are occupations like 'IT Technician'.

Before reaching for an email or the phone (and your credit card) shut everything off, incluidng the printer, and try again.

If you think "It's the software.", open Notepad, type one character and press control+P to print. If nothing prints, "It's the printer." or "It's Windows.".