Convert Consign-EZ

Transfer data from ConsignEZ to BCSS with ease.

Converting ConsignEZ to Best Consignment Shop Software

ConsignEZ Consignment Software was last seen on the Internet in early 2008. The reason for its failure isn't known.

At Best Consignment Software we can convert existing ConsignEZ data to our software format. The conversion is usually no more than $99 and the Deluxe edition of our software is $395. Financing is available, as low as $39.50 per month.

BCSS Deluxe Consignment Software

If you have consignors and/or items entered in spreadsheets, those records may be imported into BCSS. If not, inventory can be batch-entered on one input screen. Each item can be categorized, described and priced. The Category, Price, Item ID, Description and Details are printed on price tags. (Bar Codes, Date In, Discount Schedule and Disposal Codes are optional.) Aged inventory can be discounted manually or automatically according to pre-defined discount schedules.

Laser-style or dot-matrix printers are used to print price tags on sheets of labels, either 30 labels per sheet (1" x 2 5/8") or 80 labels per sheet (1/2" x 1 3/4" - too small for bar codes). Hang tags (1" x 4 1/4") may also be printed. (Some BCSS users have labels customized before printing price tags.)

Using the same type of printer, Deluxe can print checks (1 or 3 per page), sales invoices (receipts), consignment agreements, and over 300 reports.

Each consignor may have a different consignor split percentage. Each can be marked to receive mailings or sales reports. A Consignment Agreement may be printed when the consignor record is created or anytime later. The Agreement is editable and is auto-filled with store and consignor information when created.

There can be multiple accounts for selling your own merchandise (with no consignor split), and there's provision for buying items outright and reselling them.

Deluxe reads bar codes (even existing ones) and prints them on price labels. At POS the bar code can be read (using a hands-free stand for the reader) and the item will be auto-entered on the New-Sale Screen with Consignor ID, Item ID, Description and Price auto-entered. Items not listed in inventory may be entered at POS. As many as 5 Sales Invoices may be open at one time and any sale may be put 'on hold'.

Sales tax will be auto-computed and auto-entered. Quantity and Discounts (if any) may be entered. When the payment method is selected, the sale total is entered as the Amount Paid and Change Due to the purchaser is auto-computed and entered. The sale may be saved with or without printing a receipt. Receipts may be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper using any laser-style or dot-matrix printer, or they may be printed on 3"-wide roll paper (like those in retail stores) using a special receipt printer.

At the end of the sale, Deluxe can compute and record settlements for each Consignor. Settlements may be processed individually or in batch. With each settlement computation Deluxe prepares a disbursement record. Consignors may be paid in cash, 'store credit', via PayPal or by check (which Deluxe can print - 1 check per page or 3). Consignors settling for store credit can be granted a higher share of the sale.

The software may be used to process returns, partial returns, special promotions, discounts, discounts by category, rentals and layaways. It can track what is to be done with unsold items ('Disposal' - donate to charity, return to consignor, destroy, transfer to house ownership). It even keeps track of bad checks.

There are over 300 reports available, including those for consignors, inventory, sales, settlements and disbursements. Any information recorded in the program can be presented in a report - on screen or on paper.

Best of all, the initial price paid for Deluxe is the final price. There are no ongoing fees. The software can be used each year without additional cost.

The Deluxe Package ($879) includes the software, a cash drawer, receipt printer and bar-code scanner, or the software may be purchased ($395) with any hardware pieces.

The Diamond edition of BCSS is $595. The Diamond Package includes the same hardware for $999. Diamond adds these features: Networking (connecting 2 or more computers to share the same database); Buyer (as opposed to consignor) and Employee records and management, Wish Lists and Thermal Label Printing.