Consignment POS Layaways

Process layaways in Best Consignment Shop Software. Settle now or later.

Consignment POS Layaways Software

BCSS provides both the layaway plan feature and split payments on an invoice.

New Sales documents provide for payments split up to six ways. For a layaway, put a check in the 'This is a Layaway' box at the bottom of the New-Sale Screen. This opens up the date boxes so the user can specify a payment schedule. Provide a first payment amount and payment method.

Subsequent payment methods are 'pending'. The total of the scheduled payments should be the same as the invoice total so the due box shows zero. When a customer comes in to make a scheduled payment, find the sales document in the Sales Area, open it for viewing. The payment schedule and amounts can be changed and the current payment can be recorded.

The six parts of the payment schedule have check boxes. Put a check in the box for the part of the schedule that is to be paid or changed. If a payment is to be made, change the payment method from pending to cash, check or whatever for that schedule item. Click ok. When all payments have been made, remove the check from the "This is a layaway" check box.

At that point, the sale is considered completed for settlement purposes. If the sale is not a layaway, the user can split up to 6 ways how the amount due for the invoice is paid. (There is an option to settle with the consignor with the first layaway payment.)

All splits will have the same payment date. Put a check in the box for each payment split that you need to use. BCSS will ignore payment splits if the check boxes are not checked even if you put an amount in the associated paid box. Layaways are included in BCSS reports, but not in consignor or employee account balances or in consignor settlements, or employee commissions. Once a layaway has been paid in full, the sale is available for settlement or commission.