Live Demos Before Purchase

    • POS/Inventory Software
    • Consignment, Resale, Retail
    • Thermal Receipt Printers
    • Thermal Label Printers
    • Barcode Scanners
    • Cash Drawers
    • Volume Discounts

Fair and Honest

Payment for software and hardware is once for life. There are no perpetual fees. Software updates are free. See pricing.


The software is graduated in price and features allowing start-ups to buy a lot of computing power and convenience for a low start-up cost.

Most stores start with the Deluxe edition which tracks consignors and their inventory and prints everything (agreements, price labels and hang tags (with barcodes), receipts, settlements, reports and checks) using an ink printer.

Deluxe includes a complete POS capability and includes over 300 reports on consignors, inventory, sales, settlements and disbursements. If it's in the program it can be produced in a report.

The Diamond edition adds support for networking, thermal label printing and mall, antique and flea-market vendor management.

The Virtual edition allows clients to see their account information and add inventory online. (There is a monthly server rental for this option.)

Fast Delivery

Before purchasing any software program, take advantage of the demo period and the 'free live demo' (if one is available). The BCSS demo is the full version of the highest edition (Virtual) and is free to use with sample or live data.

Before purchasing demand a written disclosure of any and all fees post purchase. Any fee not disclosed can't be assessed after you're lock in.

No Add Ons

There are no ticky-tack add-on fees added to the end of the purchase process: No handling or shipping charges, no sales tax (except in states requiring collection).

Free Offers

Whether you will be using thermal price labels and hang tags or not, a sample box of thermal labels will be sent to you upon request. Even without a thermal label printer the labels and tags can be used for other purposes.

Purchase includes a free copy of "How To Start A Consignment Business" which has been in print since 2002.

We'll put you on the map in Google Places. When people search for consignment or resale in your area in Google, they'll find your listing, your location, hours of operation, reviews and your contact information.

Hardware Guarantees and Warranties

Each piece of equipment is protected by a 30-day DOA (dead on arrival) assurance of returns of defective hardware.

Every piece is covered by a warranty from 2-5 years depending upon the piece.