Consignment Software & Realtime Quickbooks Interface

A store owner who prefers to incorporate consignment data into QuickBooks will find the new integration feature to be a real time saver.

In all editions of BCSS data may be exported to a QuickBooks file (.iff format) and imported into QuickBooks.

The Virtual edition of BCSS is integrated with QuickBooks for direct transfer of data.

Unlike other programs there is no additional charge for an 'add-on module' for either Quickbooks feature.

To be on the safe side, Best Consignment Shop Software Virtual edition was programmed for compatibility with QuickBooks 2013 - so users would not be required to upgrade to the 2014 edition but should be able to use prior versions of QuickBooks.

Intuit says QuickBooks is 'backwards compatible' with all editions of QB suggesting that data can be transferred from BCSS (Virtual edition) to any edition of QuickBooks.

If you are not using QuickBooks and wondering if you should, consider that it may be unnecessary complexity, additional demands on your time (to learn another software program), an added expense (initially and in the future) because of 'forced updates' and support for the software was pushed to forums some time ago "where novices can share their confusion with others who also don't know the answer", as one critique put it.

Checks (one per page or three per page) can also be printed with Best Consignment Shop Software using an ink printer. Using the one-check-per-page format, items included in the check settlement can be printed on the voucher portion of the full-page check.

Consignment Accounting

With all consignment software apps (except Intro) there are 300+ reports covering consignors, inventory, sales, settlements and disbursements. The majority of consignment stores using BCSS don't find it necessary to use QuickBooks mainly because profit/loss computations and the information needed for income-tax preparation can be derived from BCSS data (along perhaps with some tangential tracking of detailed expenses in a spreadsheet, like utilities, rent, etc.).

Other Consignment Software Programs with Quickbooks

Some other consignment software programs charge an extra fee for their 'Quickbooks module'. QuickBooks integration with Best Consignment Shop Software is included in the price quoted for the Virtual edition.