Consignment Software Illinois

A special program for IL

Software for Illinois Consignment Shops

Why are prices for Best Consignment Shop Software so much lower than others?

  • Prices are not padded with prepayment for support.
  • A free live demo is included (prior to purchase).
  • Software updates are free.
  • There are no monthly or annual 'support plans' or any forms of prepayment for help.
  • You own the software for lifetime use (although it cannot be sold or transferred to another).
  • BCSS is not integrated with high-cost credit-card processing. Any processing service can be used.
  • Hardware (printers, cash drawers, scanners) are reasonably priced.
  • Shipping is free and there is no sales tax tacked on (except for TX).

There are 4 levels of prices and features starting at $295 for the basic program (Intro).

The program can be upgraded as shop needs and computer skills grow. Data will remain intact and an allowance can be applied to the cost of the upgrade.

If and when help is needed, payment for help is made at the time it is provided and at a rate about half that of local IT techs.

Some of the BCSS features (depending upon the edition):

  • Export to or integration with QuickBooks
  • Layaways with scheduled payments prior to delivery
  • Discounting, taxation and consignor % by category
  • Print 'everything' (receipts, labels, tags, reports, checks) with an ink printer, or
  • Print thermal price labels and tags.
  • Lock employees out of any part of the program.
  • Prevent employees from voiding sales and granting discounts at POS.
  • Connect multiple computers in the same store to share the same database simultaneously.
  • Manage floor-space (booth) rental
  • Pass some or all credit-card charges on to clients.
  • Have clients view their account information online and add inventory online.

Some of the options mentioned are in the higher editions of the software and some are optional modules.

BCSS has been in business since 2002 so if you're wanting references, look to the BBB and Facebook for independent verified reviews.

At these prices and with these liberal usage provisions, you can just imagine what our competitors have to say ;).

Please feel free to call if you need help or just have questions, 888-427-5779.