Consignment Software for WA

A special program for WA State

Washington Consignment Software

Best Consignment Shop Software has several unique features for managing a resale operation and generating additional profits.

In choosing BCSS for your business "a penny saved" is more like hundreds of dollars.

The program has 4 different levels of price and features so startups and small shops can computerize at minimal cost and build as business and computer acumen grow.

The 'big savings' is after the sale. Most software vendors, including our competitors, either require a monthly payment to use their software, or they impose monthly or annual support fees that eventually add up to more than the initial outlay for software.

There are no prepayments or annual fees for support.

If you're comparing programs and the vendor claims that his annual fee is optional, you'll have to know to ask of the consequences of not paying the fee": no support in any form and no software updates. (Software updates are required in any software program to fix bugs and keep up with changes in technology, like Windows.)

Here are some other questions to ask:

  • Are you the person who wrote the program? (If so future support of the software will depend upon that person solely.)
  • If my business grows and I need to add a station at my shop, how much is another copy of the software?
  • If I add copies of the software how much does the annual support fee increase?
  • By how much and how often have you raised the annual fee amount in the past?
  • Does your annual fee include training? (no) help with other issues? (no)
  • If I don't use support during the year, do I get my money back?
  • How much will you charge me if I start a second store?
  • Specific questions for Wilson at 'consignpro': Did you purposely disable your clients software and demand payment to reenable it? Have you 'fired' clients in the past for asking too many questions? (He did.)

Consignment and Washington State Sales Tax

All editions of Best Consignment Shop Software have two configurable tax fields to accommodate state and various local laws regarding sales tax.

The state sales tax rate as of January, 2018 is 6.5% but local taxes vary so the total sales tax can range from 7.0% to 10.4%.

One of the key features for Best Consignment Shop Software clients in Washingon State is two tax fields - one for the state sales tax and another for local tax. At the end of any period of time (monthly, quartely, annually) a sales-recap report will break the total sales tax collected into state and local amounts.

Groceries and prescription drugs are exempt from sales tax, but junk and prepared food, dietary supplements and soft drinks are taxable. Categories can be created in BCSS and they can be designated as tax-free, taxable above a stipulated amount or taxed at a specific rate.

If you sell on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) you may be have 'nexus' (sufficient physical presence) subjecting you to sales tax.Log into your Amazon account and produce an inventory report to see if you have inventory stored at one of the fulfillment centers (warehouse codes: BFI1, BFI3, BFI4, SEA6, SEA8).

Please feel free to call if you need help or just have questions, 888-427-5779.