Consignors View Account Information Online

With BCSS Virtual your consignors can log into our website where you've uploaded their account info for them to view, reducing the number of calls to the shop for "What's sold?" and "How much do you owe me?"

Consignor Online Access

Our top-of-the-line edition (Virtual) solves that age-old consignment-shop problem of the added expense of man hours spent answering the phone and looking up account information. Somehow many of those chit-chats turn into time-consuming affairs.

Some store owners solve this issue by requiring that patrons come into the store for printed reports, or at least a quick look at account status 'on screen', the idea being that the increase in traffic to the store increases the possibility of additional sales. Good thinking! A more sophisticated approach might be to have a dedicated computer set aside for patron usage, allowing them to come in and access their own account with assigned usernames and passwords. (With BCSS they can be locked out of all parts of the program except the reporting function.)

With the Virtual edition it is possible to upload all consignor records (having online access) and all their inventory, or individual accounts can be readily updated one at a time. Records of consignors without online access will not be uploaded so as to save time.

Stores can use this feature to increase profit by charging a nominal fee for online access. We've suggested $5-$10 per year but some stores report that they charge $10/month for this feature! The annual renewal for server access is $189 so anything collected from consignors in excess of that is increased store profit.

Rather than purchase Virtual or upgrade to it, poll your customers first to see if they may be interested in the feature. Stores located in metropolitan areas have more techies in their neighborhoods while shops in more rural communities might benefit less from this option.

View a sample online account by going to using ID 1, password consign and Store ID 1. Use the options on the left to view Complete Information or just Sales This Month.

Online Access to Rewards Points

Just recently a Rewards Program was added to BCSS Diamond and BCSS Virtual which accumulates a percentage of sales as a bonus to be used against future store purchases.

The points of course can be awarded to all who make purchases in the store, including consignors who are also buyers.

BCSS Virtual displays Reward-Point totals on the same website. Click on 'Get Rewards for Buyers' to display point totals.