Exhibit Software

Track exhibit spaces and deduct rent/expenses from sales.

Museum-Exhibit-Event Management Software

Planning an exhibition, conference or event with booth or floor-space rentals? The 'mall module' included in Best Consignment Shop Software tracks floor space and can deduct space rental from vendor sales (where management is selling vendor merchandise at POS stations).

BCSS includes transactions for consignment, retail, resale, rental and layaway. Exhibitors can submit their inventory on spreadsheets and price labels can be printed then scanned at POS for quick checkout. With the online version of BCSS inventory can be entered (by anyone) and downloaded to management's PC for inventory recording and price-label printing. (A monthly server rental applies.)

Inventory can be categorized and each category can have unique sale-tax treatment ('tax-free', 'tax at or above' and 'tax at' some %).

From it's own floor space, management can transact in consignments, rentals, resale (reselling items purchased from individuals outright), retail (selling merchandise purchased from suppliers) and layaways.

Multiple stations can be connect via a network and share the same data simultaneously.

Download and test drive the free fully-featured demo and schedule a free demo on your computer because we can't accept your money until you're perfectly happy with the progam.