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The Real Scoop on BCSS Software

Best Consignment Shop Software: Tell It Like It Is

Depending upon features needed, BCSS is low cost: $295 ($20/month) to $795 ($66 per month) with no payments after the first year. You own the copy of the software. If you expand or start another store, a copy of the software is just $99 or $199. There are no service fees. People have even returned years later to the consignment business after closing a store and continued to use the same software at no additional cost because they own it!

BCSS provides a free full version of the software so potential customers have time to use the software and interact with the company, giving each person the opportunity to test drive the software and the service department.

BCSS will refuse to take your money until you are completely satisfied with the product and the people who provide it. Now, how's that for a 'satisfaction guarantee'?

Compare that to a competitor charging $1,350 for his software, $50 for training, $69 for data storage (free at BCSS), $125/$250 every year for 'support' - even if it's not needed or used, and withholding software updates (free at BCSS) if you refuse to pay up. Copies of his software are $295 unless it's for a new store then full price is demanded again. Moreover, you will not be able to resell the software unless someone buys your store (with arcane stipulations).

When BCSS appeared on the consignment-software scene in 2002 with hugely lower prices, no annual fees and software updates, the afore-mentioned competitor didn't lower prices to compete. He just lowered himself to bashing BCSS.

Somewhere around 2010, and set out on his own, hoping to soak consignment-store owners $100/hour (during the banker's hours of 10-5 EST, higher rates if you got him out of bed early or interfered with his happy hour). When he learned that his rates were twice that of BCSS associates offering similar support services, he decided to join in with the afore-mentioned software peddler in attempting to discredit BCSS.

The Challenge

If you are at all disturbed by the chicanery of these two Internet 'punks', please let us know and take the challenge to find an anti-BCSS website NOT sponsored by them.

BCSS enjoys significant consumer satisfaction ratings - somewhere around 95%. (General Motors would love to have that much happiness in its customer base.)

So, 5 people out of 100 have a complaint about the company or service. Most often the complaint is about having to pay for support.

They seem to lose site of the fact that personal support was not baked into the low price, and that there are no annual service fees. Most complaints are about 'not responding' when the real unhappiness is not being able to cheat the company.

In Summary

BCSS is an excellent consignment-resale program with low prices, no annual service fees, more-than-fair policies and great service.

If you're in doubt, download and use the free demo. Call the company. Talk to the people who will be supporting you and the software. 888-427-5779

Mobility and Working from Home

It is not necessary to spend $100-$150 every month for a web-based software program in order to work 'remotely'. There are two 'free' options:

  1. Use BCSS on a laptop. Take it home, in the car, on an airplane, to an estate sale or auction, or to a remote island. No Internet connection required and no risks of viral infections, data compromise or Internet down time. No expensive Internet connection required. Don't even need electricity and you won't be dependent upon someone else to backup your data!
  2. Use any of the free remote-PC programs (Gotomypc, Logmein, Team Viewer). Leave the shop computer on. Access it from any Internet-connected computer and run it just as though you were sitting there in front of it. Employees entering inventory can do the same thing from other locations. Turn the shop computer off when finished or easily program it to shut down.

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