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Illustrated instructions are available in the manual (F1) under Sales, New Sale.

Process a New Sale (F6)

There are several ways to open the New-Sale Screen:
(Customers and employees are not tracked in BCSS Deluxe™.)

After taking one of the actions above, one of 2 things will happen.

1. A list of customers will appear IF the box is checked in Program Setup, Sales Tab to present a list of customers.

Select a customer from the list. The New Sale Invoice will open with the customer's information pre-entered, or

2. If no customer is selected, a New Sale Invoice will open with 'Cash Sale' entered in the customer-name field.

Note that there are 5 Tabs at the top of the New-Sale Screen, Invoice 1, Invoice 2, etc. Up to 5 invoices may be open at any time.

Today's date and the next available Invoice # will be auto-filled. If a customer was selected, additional information like name and address and Credit Limit will be auto-filled (if previously entered in that customer's record).

An item being purchased can be entered 1 of 4 ways:

A. Click Select from Item List and select the item from the List, or

B. Enter the Item's ID number in the box and press Enter, or

C. Click Enter Unlisted Item and fill in the applicable information. Click in the box below ID, for example, and enter an ID #. Click in the box under Description and type in a description, etc.

D. Enter a Bar Code. (BCSS Diamond™ only)

If applicable, values may be entered for Discount, Sold by (salesperson) and Terms (Prepaid, COD, Net 30):

The sale may be marked as Non-Taxable and the buyer may be added to the store's mailing list.

Choose the Method of Payment and replace 'Enter amount 1 here' with the amount tendered.

Fields appear at the bottom showing Subtotal, Discount (if any), Tax and Change Due (auto-computed and filled) and Total. (Tax is carried out to 5 decimal places for accuracy.)

Lastly, Click Save to save the Invoice and not print it, or click Preview, Print, Save to preview the Invoice and/or print it.

Note that a sale may be put on hold BUT a consignor must be chosen before placing a sale on hold. The consignor can not be changed when retrieving a sale put on hold.

Finalizing the Sale

Click the Save button to save the sale without previewing the Invoice or printing it.

Click the Save, Preview and Print to print preview the Invoice.

View a Completed Sale

There are 2 ways to view a completed sale:

Only these changes may be made when viewing an existing Sale.

To change anything else, the Invoice must be voided and a new one created.