Mall Central Online Reporting Alternative

Your clients can access to view their account information and add inventory online (that can be downloaded at the shop for editing and price-label printing).

For a quick peek, go to and use the following log-in information:

  • Username: 1
  • Site ID: 1
  • Password: consign

To see how the site would appear on a mobile phone, drag the right edge of the browser window (left) to it's smallest size. is integrated with Best Consignment Shop Software so there's just one button to push to upload your client's data everyday (or more frequently if you prefer).

Using this feature in your shop can have several advantages:

  • Enhanced professional image
  • Increased interest in your shop
  • Rejuvenation of existing clients
  • Keeps your shop and 'consignment' in mind (a form of advertising)

Several stores use as an income-producing tool. They charge a nominal monthly fee (some as high as $5) so anything over the monthly cost of $25 for the feature is additional profit.

Before deciding on it may be helpful to poll your client base to determine their level of interest, but then that's almost like asking someone if they liked their Christmas gift before they've opened it.

A better approach might be to allow your clients to actually use the service then ask... We would like to help - by upgrading the software (Best Consignment Shop Software) and demonstrating how to upload and view your clients' information online.