The prices listed on this website are the final prices for software and hardware.

BCSS™ : The 'No Fees / No Nonsense Software'

Prices displayed on this website are final prices - no add-on fees
When you purchase BCSS™, the ownership of the software passes to you.

This is our 14th year of 'best practices' for our customers. Our role as your business partner is to bring you the best possible solutions for software, hardware and support needs while keeping your costs to a minimum.

You might think of BCSS as 'all of the great things about vendors, software, hardware and support all rolled into one'.

All Free

To us the word 'free' means features and benefits for which others charge extra. If you're planning on being in business for at least 10 years, multiply those annual fees by 10 for a realistic view of the impact on your profits:

  • NO annual support fees (Others: $125 to $600 per year)
  • Free data backup (Others: $70-$100 per year)
  • Secure local data backup (Placing your clients' information online is NOT secure.)
  • No sales tax (except TX)
  • Software updates (Essential for 'bug fixes' and keeping the software current and operational - Others: Updates will be denied if annual support fees aren't paid.)
  • Advertising (a free listing in our Consignment Shops n Stores directory)
  • An ebook: "How to Start a Consignment Business" ($13.95 value)

Fairness and Good Will

Fair policies and honest practices have earned us a stellar reputation in the consignment industry:

  • There are no adverse policies tucked away for discovery after purchase.
  • Optional types of support are available so customers have choices (users' guide, paid support via phone, chat, email, remote access).
  • We share ideas for free alternatives like how to work remotely for free.
  • We won't sell a receipt printer if one isn't needed. See Do You Really Need a Receipt Printer?.
  • We make free programs known for things like word processing, image editing, spreadsheets and printing PDF documents.
  • We refer customers to reputable and fairly-priced services for computer/network help, labels and merchant accounts - rates half that of those charging $100/hour and 'emergency rates' after hours and on weekends/holidays.
  • You own your copy of the software.
  • Free Services


The software includes a live tutorial. With your permission, a customer rep will log onto your computer and talk to you on the phone, taking you (or your employee) from step 1 all the way through the consignment process, including the printing of price labels and the processing of sales and settlements.

The step-by-step User's Guide is well-illustrated and on larger screens can be open next to the program for easy cross reference. This is particularly useful for those late-night study sessions and for those who prefer not to pay for training and assistance beyond the live demo session.

The price of the software does not include data repair, reissuance of unlock codes, training employees beyond the free tutorial, transfer to another PC, auditing results or troubleshooting user errors and issues with other programs (like Windows and Quickbooks). Instead, payment for support is only required as support is provided.

The Other Guys

These are some industry practices you will NOT find in our business dealings:

  • Hiding risks like buying software from an individual, risking loss of future support
  • Annual service fees
  • Withholding of updates and support if fees aren't paid
  • $100 phone calls
  • Charges for hardware support ($100 per incident)
  • Excessive charges for additional software copies
  • Excessive hardware markups
  • Tack-on fees for hardware cables and shipping
  • Require that you use their credit-card services (for kickbacks)
  • Require that you enroll in their 'labels program' which is padded with more profits for the software vendor

Since early 2002, BCSS™ users have saved an estimated $3,000,000 (That's three million dollars) in over-charges and 'service fees' by choosing our software over others.

We pride ourselves on delivering products and services at a fair price and with integrity.