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Pay One Consignor Using BCSS

Illustrated instructions are available in the manual (F1) under Checks.

Pay One Consignor

There are 2 places to prepare a payment for one Consignor -

1. On the New-Settlement Screen
2. In the Disbursements Work Area

1. New-Settlement Screen

When Preparing a New Settlement, complete 1 or 2 of the payment fields on the New-Settlement Screen:

BCSS auto-enters the next available check #s. Ignore check numbers if payment is other than by check. Select the method of payment from the drop-down menu under 'Payment Method'. Enter the payment amount under 'Amount'.

Split Payments

Payments to Consignors may be split into 2 of these methods - Cash, Check, Credit or Gift Certificate. For Payment 1 select a method from the drop-down menu under Payment Method and select another for Payment 2, entering the amounts for each under 'Amount'.

Shop Credit increases when Settlements are made for credit. The Total Account Balance will remain the same while removing the sold inventory from the Unsettled Sales List. The outstanding account balance can then be used to make store purchases.

2. Disbursements Work Area

When a Settlement is processed, BCSS creates a Disbursement Record in preparation for payment to the Consignor. Click on Disbursements in the Work Areas Menu to view Disbursements.

RIGHT-click on an entry to view options.

Menu Options:

Edit - Open the Disbursement in an Edit Screen, Make changes, if any, and Save.

Print Check - Begin the Print Checks Process

Change Check Status - Approve or disapprove a prepared check.

(The other options are for viewing Disbursements on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, or 'View All'.)

Edit the Check

Double clicking on a Disbursement Record opens the Edit Screen.

There's provision for setting check margins in addition to changing the name of the Payee, the Date, the Amount, Approved Status and Address.

Print the Check

Select the check in the Table and click Print Check in the Disbursements Menu.

Select which check position to print - 1, 2 or 3 and close the window. (The Check-Position Screen will remain open for the Print Preview.)

A Print-Preview Screen will appear displaying how the check will be printed. If adjustments or corrections are needed, close the Print-Preview Screen. Double click on the Disbursement and change the margin settings.

If no changes are needed, click the Printer Icon at the top of the Print-Preview Screen.

When printing for the first time, print a check on a white sheet of paper and hold the printed sheet and a sheet of checks together, one over the other, up to light to verify that the print aligns with the check spaces.