POS Cash Drawers

Cash drawers have locks for securing valuables at POS.

Consignment-Resale POS (Point of Sale) Cash Drawers

Cash drawers commonly connect to a receipt printer and pop open with a receipt is printed. The drawer can be opened by pressing a key or by clicking on a hidden icon in the software program.

POS Cash Drawer Security

Most drawers have a lock and a key for opening the lock. Inside the drawer is a coin and bill tray, sometimes referred to as 'the till', where valuables like money, checks and other representations of value can be stored for safekeeping. Drawers aren't typically disconnected and stored overnight but the tray can be more easily removed for storage.

Drawer Function

Best Consignment Shop Software has been uniquely configured to work with a cash drawer when a receipt printer is not present (because stores selling used merchandise frequently have 'no-return policies' making the printing of receipts unnecessary).

The cash drawer purchase can include a special adapter replacing the receipt printer and allowing the drawer to be connected directly to the computer. The direct connection allows the drawer to be opened in Best Consignment Shop Software by pressing a key or by clicking on a hidden icon.

Also with BCSS the drawer will not open for credit-card sales, eliminating the annoyance of having the drawer pop open and having to close it each time. The drawer will open when payment methods other than credit card are used, like checks and cash.

In order for the drawer to open, the lock must be in the unlock position.

Drawer Configuration

At POS the drawer can be placed under the computer monitor or it can be mounted under the counter with an optional mounting bracket kit.

The USB ports at the front of a desktop computer should only be used for keyboards and mice (because they may have insufficient power to operate a cash drawer or printer). To avoid confusion, especially with laptops, always use the same USB port for the same piece of hardware (drawer, scanner, printer). Two cash drawers can be connected to one receipt printer using the EVO-CD-SPLITTER A common telephone wire has 4 connectors and cannot be used. The wire shipped with the drawer has 6 connectors and must be used.