Consignment Hardware

Brand new equipment fully compatible with Best Consignment Shop Software.

Hardware for Consignment Shops Free Shipping

And no sales tax! (except TX)

Hardware refers to peripherals used with computers to perform tasks: receipt, ink and label printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners.

We do things differently at Best Consignment Shop Software.

For example, most consignment-software providers will gladly sell receipt printers to consignment shops, no questions asked, but we ask, "Do you really need a receipt printer?" Let's discuss your situation before spending $284 ($399 at Resaleworld plus shipping). Shops with no-return policies don't need to print receipts and patrons mostly don't expect them. When someone requests a receipt, BCSS prints receipts on plain paper, ergo no need for a receipt printer.

Do you really need a thermal label printer? ($349, resaleworld: $469) Our program can print labels on sheets of adhesive labels and non-adhesive hang tags. (Some shops just print labels on heavier card stock and cut them out.)

Must you purchase a bar-code scanner from a software developer? ($99, rsw: $279). Bar-code readers are like keyboards - input devices readily recognized by Windows and ready for use, 'plug n play'. Any barcode reader should work with any POS system.

A cash drawer is only a place to store valuables. ($119, rsw: $189). Do you really need one? (A 'cash drawer' is different from a 'cash register'. "A cash register has a cash drawer but a cash drawer is not a cash register." With BCSS the drawer remains shut for credit-card transactions. If no receipt printer is in use, the drawer can connect to the PC with a special adapter (taking the place of the printer) so the drawer will open with a key press.

Price Gouging

This discertation didn't start out as a disclosure of the (extremely-high) prices charged by some software developers but here are examples which drive home the point that buying hardware from a software provider isn't a wise choice. Moreover, we see, after 30 days help with the equipment purchased from Resaleworld is $100 per hour!

A Netgear AC1900 router is available at Best Buy for $154 or we can pay twice as much to Resaleworld for the exact same piece of equipment. hmmm

The Unitech MS-250 barcode scanner sells online for $35 but you can pick one up from RSW for $279 (marked down from $299).

Other notables from a rsw user: 'With the Cloud subscriptionfree tech support is only available when subscribed to the tag-purchase plan (and the tags are marked up to cover the cost). Use of automated consignor emailing involves integration with ReCommerce, another paid service. Forcomplete support you must purchase your printer hardware through them, again at a significant cost.'