Replace Stoker Software

Convert Stoker data to BCSS format and keep your business on the go.

Replace Stoker Consignment Software with BCSS

Stoker consignment software closed up shop in the Spring of 2007. Since then many technological advancements have come along and many improvements have been made to Best Consignment Shop Software.

Convert Stoker to BCSS

Data from Stoker can be converted to BCSS format, resulting in a smooth transition to a new program filled with extra that may not have been available in Stoker software:

  1. Assign different consignor %'s to different categories.
  2. Create and assign various discount schedules to categories.
  3. Split payments 6 ways.
  4. Deduct a set % from credit-card sales.
  5. Grant a % bonus for settlement by store credit (based upon sales or the consignor's share).
  6. Rewards Program crediting buyers with credit to be used for future purchases.
  7. Perform inventory functions by barcode (donate, return, transfer to house, undelete).
  8. Make credit purchases non-taxable.
  9. User-defined fields in categories make item description more detailed.
  10. Data can be backed up locally on online for free.
  11. The Consignment Agreement can be edited and printed at any time.
  12. A new search component allows for search of any characters on record.
  13. Police reporting is available in jurisdictions where required.
  14. The 'Percentage Tool' modifies consignor % for one consignor or all, for unsold items and items sold but unsettled.
  15. Items transferred to shop ownership or storage can be retrieved.
  16. Employees can be granted access to specific data only.
  17. Scanning barcodes at checkout populates the invoice with item information including the item's owner.

Other Offers for Conversion from Stoker:

Most consignment-software programs are offered by individuals with the same inherent risk: A program written and supported by one person carries the same potential of leaving shop owners without support for their program if/when the programmer gets on the wrong plane or decides to do something else. This risk has increased in recent years because of the increase in the number of software offerings.

Of the offerings proferred, most are vendors charging much higher prices and annual service fees. Most stores find BCSS Deluxe edition ($395) more than sufficient to run their businesses. BCSS Diamond ($595) supports the use of thermal-label printing, networking, employee management, buyer records, wish lists, mall rental and police reporting. Either way, BCSS is not an individual programmer and there are no ongoing service fees, so be wary of individuals who answer their own phone and make 'deals' to get you locked into never-ending fees.