Used-Car Software

Consign and Resell Used Cars and vehicles with BCSS

Used Car Resale, Trade and Consignment Software

Track inventory, consignors and your own used car/truck resales with Best Consignment Shop Software.

Create a record for each consignor and enter his or her vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, jet/snow ski - even boats). No monthly or annual fees!

Record information about each item, like serial number, make, model, year, color, mileage, and make notes as reminders and/or as a way to describe the unit for employees.

Process a sale and print a record of the transaction - multiple copies if needed for the seller and your business.

Use BCSS to print 'settlement checks' to the owners of the consignments sold.

Print any of the 300+ reports for shop use or customer information, including sales, disbursements, taxes, inventory and amounts owed to consignors.

Employee Access

BCSS Diamond and Virtual provide an 'employee management tool' which allows the business owner to grant access only to those sections of the software that each employee may need, keeping sensitive data from being viewed by those who don't have a need to know. The program also tracks commissions, allowing a different commission schedule to be created for each employee or broker.

Hardware Equipment

The Intro and Deluxe editions of BCSS print price labels, receipts, reports, consignor agreements and checks using a standard laser-style (ink) printer. (The price labels are on 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper. Often, with used cars and other vehicles, it is of course unnecessary to print price tags.)

BCSS Deluxe, Diamond and Virtual support the use of barcodes. It is possible to print a price tag with a barcode on it, for each unit, and keep the tags in something like a 3-ring binder for later scanning.

Receipt printers and cash drawers are supported by all editions except Intro. Diamond and Virtual can print price labels from rolls using a special thermal label printer. Again, this may not be necessary for large items like vehicles.

Sales Accounting

At purchase the program will divide sales proceeds when a sale has been completed, crediting the consignor's and shop's accounts with amounts determined by a preset percentage. For example, if a car sells for $10,000 and the seller is to receive a 10% commission, he will be credited with $1,000 (in the shop's account) and the consignor's account will be credited for $9,000.

When a sale is saved in the program, a settlement record is created in the background, which can be opened and processed when the consignee is ready to pay the owner of the property. Adjustments can be made at that time by adding or deducting amounts for fees, adjustments, etc.

This Used-Car Software is a complete system for transacting in used vehicle of all types. There are no annual fees. 'Pay once' passes ownership of the copy of the software to the purchaser and the copy is registered in the owner's name.

Support for the software is provided for free via email. Personal support via telephone and remote-PC access are available for a fee (but largely unnecessary).

The free download is a demo version of the program. It has every feature and can be used without cost or obligation for two weeks, allowing you to make sure the program is right for you before purchasing it.

The software can be used to resell any kind or type of vehicle including motorcycles and sporting goods.