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Dymo labels are unsuitable for shops that print many labels.

Barcodes for Consignment-Resale Shops

Recently someone asked us why we don't configure our software to support the Dymo label printer, citing the printer's low cost and dual-roll capacity.

"We would like to use the Dymo 30252 (address labels) for barcode/description/pricing, and the Dymo 30299 (jewelry labels) for rings and smaller items. While the Zebra labels are a bit cheaper and more labels per roll, we chose the Dymo twin turbo 450 based on its' dual output capability, good reviews, and low cost."

At first it looked like a good feature to add, but after some investigation, we would not be able to endorse the printer or encourage our software clients to use the Dymo printer for these reasons:

1. The quality of the printer is suspect.

As a representative of a major label provider put it, "Please, for the love of GOD don't configure for DYMO printers!!! People buy Dymo printers all the time because they are cheap but they are SUPER easy to break and the labels are more expensive. We brought a couple in for testing and broke them both within 5 minutes of getting them out of the boxes. Dymo printers use special labels because of the feed mechanism so they CANNOT use the standard labels AND they take a much smaller roll than a standard label printer so the labels cost a lot more. None of the labels we make now that work with BCSS would work with the Dymo printers."

2. Emphatic enough, but here are specifics about label cost:

We see 10 rolls of the 30252 label for $187.90. That's 3500 labels or 5c per label. There is a similar label, 3.5 x 1.25, from Barcode Warehouse used with a Zebra or TSC label printer: 2000 labels for $22 or 1.1c per label. The cost of printing just 10,000 labels is $500 vs $110. 100,000 labels? $5000 vs $1100.

Dymo 30299 Jewelry Labels, 2 1/8 x 7/16: 10 rolls: 15,000 labels = $411.50 (Is there a better price?) Cost per label: 2.7c Barcode Warehouse Labels: 2.25 x .5 10 rolls: 25,000 labels = $180 Cost per label: .7c 10,000 Labels Printed: $274 vs $70 100,000 Labels Printer: $2,740 vs $700

This situation is reminiscent of those laser/bubblejet/inkjet printer manufacturers who sell very cheap ink printers, put little ink in the ink cartridges which don't last long and cost nearly as much as the printer!

Our recommendation is the same as it has been for all hardware brought into a place of business: Avoid problems by using dependable equipment. We will say that while the Zebra 2824 and 2844 printers are compatible with our software, we don't recommend them either. Use label printers from TSC.