Best Consignment Software

One Payment - Lifetime Use - No Forever Fees!
Or as low as $39.50/mo for 12 months

Consign, Resell, Retail, Rent

  • checkiconConsignment:  Sell for others
  • - Variable consignor splits
  • - Discount and tax by category
  • - Store-credit settlement bonus
  • checkiconResale:  Sell for yourself
  • - Buy from individuals and resell
  • - Track inventory, sales and profit
  • checkiconRetail:  Sell items from suppliers
  • checkiconRent:  Mall space and merchandise
  • checkiconLayaway:  A form of customer financing

Software Editions

One size does not fit all!
Best Consignment Software is tiered in features and price -
for one payment or 12 monthly payments.

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Deluxe Software

All Essential Functions Included

  • Sheet Labels + Barcodes
  • Ink Printer Receipts
  • Complete POS
  • Exact Inventory Control
  • Automated Discounts
  • QuickBooks Export
  • 300+ Reports
  • Daily Automated Backups
  • Pay $395 once or pay $39.50/mo for 12 months
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  • All editions: No Forever Fees!
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Diamond Software

More Tools for Bigger Jobs

  • Thermal Labels & Tags
  • Connect Multiple Computers
  • Employee Control
  • Buyer Records
  • Mall Rental
  • Pay $595 once or pay $59.50/mo for 12 months
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  • All editions: Life Ownership
  • Network Copy: $199
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Virtual Software

Online Features

  • View Client Accounts
  • Add Items Online
  • Download Items at Store
  • Track Rewards Points
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Pay $795 once or pay $79.50/mo for 12 months
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  • Add $25/mo for client online access

Consignment Software Equipment

With this software an ink printer is often sufficient for printing receipts and price labels, making costly receipt and label printers unnecessary. New compatible hardware is available (under warranty) without add-ons for shipping and sales tax (except TX). Please give us a call (888-427-5779) to discuss your best options.

Consignment-Software Comparisons

With either form of consignment software (web or PC) the steady flow of money from shops to sellers of software takes the form of additional charges after purchase: endless monthly outlay, copies of the software, number of users and locations, prepaid support...

In recent years consignment-software vendors have attempted to push 'software as a service' as justification for collecting ongoing never-ending monthly cost for using their software. Grand for their profits. Not so much for consignment stores. When their software users stop paying, the software stops working.

A little-known potential cost of monthly-pay software is future increases in the payment amount. Last checked, there are no disclosures on any website (offering pay-as-you-go programs) there is no discussion or disclosure regarding this hidden expense.

Best Consignment Software is 1-pay consignment, resale (buy outright), retail
and space rental in one software with inventory, customer and employee management, POS (point of sale), settlement and card processing, printing, accounting and reporting.

Web-Based Consignment Software

'Cloud' software resides on a remote 'server' (computer) and is controlled by the software provider. The consignment program stops working when your Internet, the Internet itself or the host's connection to the WWW fails. Moreover there is no protection from 'hacking'.

Computer-Based Consignment Software

Secure consignment software installs on your computer(s) and remains under your control. No Internet connection is required. If/when the power goes out the program can continue to run on any computer having a backup power supply (like laptops).

Leased Software

You own 'Best Consignment Shop Software'. Other vendors sell a 'license to use' their software. A 'software lease' is just another version of forever expense.

Credit-Card Processing

Use any card service with BCSS, even on your cell phone. You are not required to use a service that we recommend.

The #1 simple and easy all-in-1 solution is Best Consignment Software - Since 2002, one investment for life-time use with no monthly or annual costs - optional or otherwise. Splendid! Ask about professional software packages, specials, discounts, financing and lease purchases.

Web-Based (Cloud) Software Alternatives

Need mobility? Get it for free:

  • Install Best Consignment Software on a laptop computer and take it with you.
  • Place the program on a shop computer and use any free remote-pc app to access the shop PC. Shut it down when you're done.

Buying software for 'mobility' comes at a high price, not only monetarily with never-ending monthly spending but in control and security risk.

Installing software on your computer keeps you in control of risk, the data and cost. Most stores operate quite efficiently with the Deluxe edition of Best Consignment Shop Software at $395 with no trailing software cost. Compare that to a minimum of $100 per month every month for 10 years: $12,000.

What Is Consignment Software?

1-Pay consignment software since 2002. Free Live Help, Updates, Remote Access, Financing, POS, Malls, QuickBooks. $395 and up.

Best Consignment Software is a specialized program
for businesses engaged in selling things for others.

  • One Low Payment
  • Life-Time Use
  • Free Training
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Point of Sale
  • Process Credit Cards
  • Pay consignors by cash, check, store credit
  • Produce reports about clients, goods, sales, settlements and disbursements

See Consignment Software Benefits
for additional information.

What Is A One-Payment Consignment Program?

'One payment' means lifetime use of BCSS software for one outlay
. 'Program' often refers to a software application alone but an entire 'system' for running a store selling second-hand merchandise (as well as retail stock) could include computers, software, hardware, service and supplies.

Is Now a Good Time to Start

When the economy fell apart in 2009, the consignment business exploded. See if now is a good time to get started.

Find information on getting started at What Is Consignment?

Consignment and AI

Explore how Artificial Intelligence
can revolutionize consignment shops by enhancing inventory management, optimizing pricing, personalizing customer experiences, and improving overall operational efficiency. Discover AI's role in transforming the consignment retail sector.

Shared Tools

  • checkicon No Ongoing Support Charges
  • checkicon Free Software Renewals
  • checkicon Automated Daily Data Backups
  • checkicon Barcodes on Price Labels and Hang Tags
  • checkicon Antiques Categories
  • checkicon Discount and Tax by Category and Item
  • checkicon Print Agreements Checks Receipts Reports
  • checkicon Batch Entry and Global Editing
  • checkicon Data Import and Export
  • checkicon Pass Card Costs to Clients (paid option)

Consignment Software Video