Consignment Software for Book Stores

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Software for Reselling Books

Book stores utilize Used Books Consignment Software to track book inventory with complete ease and accuracy. Books are categorized, organized and priced by Author, Bar Code, Class, Condition, Edition, ISBN, Publisher, SKU and Title.

Stores use UBCS to manage information and perform functions related to buyers, consignors, discounts, disbursements, employees access, commissions and settlements.

Used Books Consignment Software has many special consignment and resale features:

  • checkiconSell books for others for a commission.
  • checkiconEach book and consignor can have an adjustable consignor %.
  • checkiconPrices may be automatically and systematically discounted as time passes, if desired.
  • checkiconSell store inventory.
  • checkiconScan or enter ISBN to populate the New-Item screen.
  • checkiconAt POS, the current date, invoice #, buyer information, tax(es), discount(s), sale amount and change due are auto-entered.
  • checkiconUpon sale completion, consignor, salesperson and store shares are auto-computed and checks are ready for printing.
  • checkiconSeveral computers may be 'networked' to share the same database.

Income-producing options include Buy Outright ('resale'), House Accounts (for selling store inventory), Layaways (installment payments), Rentals and Wish Lists.

Streamline Used-Book Sales!

UBCS ($595 excluding hardware) - Bar Code Read/Print - Supports Cash Drawer/Receipt Printer - Customer & Employee Records, Employee Restricted Access and Cash Drawer Audit - Networking - Price Labels with Author/Bar Code/ISBN - Thermal Label Printing.

  • checkiconNo Monthly or Annual Fees
  • checkiconFree Software Updates
  • checkiconFully-Staffed Support
  • checkiconNo Tax or Shipping Added On

Types of Book Sales

Consignment of course is the selling of items belonging to others. Consignments are often discounted over time as they remain unsold. There can be any number of categories of merchandise and each category can have a designated discount schedule allowing for precise control over the discounting of aging inventory. The program includes a 'sales-promotion' feature. A date range for a sale can be set and each category can be discounted by dollar or percentage amounts.

'Resale' in the software generally refers to the purchase of goods from individuals with detailed records of sellers and purchases.

'Retail' is the buying and selling of merchandise from publishers, book stores and other sources which are not individuals.

With resale and retail, cost of goods is recorded and profit/loss is computed for any designated period of time.

Please Demo First

It's up to you but it's preferable to install the demo on your computer and use the software (up to 2 weeks) before purchasing so we can assure your satisfaction prior to purchase.