Consignment Software + Mall Floor Space Rental

Mall Space Software

Rent floor space and deduct rent/expenses from sales.

Best Shopping Mall Software is floor-space rental management software for shopping malls, antiques malls, flea markets charities, exhibits, conventions and trade shows.

  • Manage floor space, renters, available and reserved space, bad checks.
  • Track consigned, retail and resale items.
  • Deduct advertising, rent, credit-card fees and taxes from dealers' settlement checks.
  • Advertising and other fees are chargeable to renters tracked including rents.
  • Supports cash drawer, receipt printer, networking, bar codes, wish lists, layaways.
  • Print checks, address, price and bar code labels. 300+ reports!

The most striking feature of this software is its comparative value - all the essentials of professional mall programs at about one-tenth the cost! - yet special features like QuickBooks compatibility, House Accounts, Wish Lists and Layaways (not found in competitors' 'Lite Versions').

Our mall inventory software is extensive and affordable!! The base plan includes all standard mall software functions. Keep cost low - add only options required for your business - no unnecessary bells and whistles. There are no hidden fees for cables, updates, CDs and manuals.

Standard Features!

  • Convenient drop-down calendars for time selection
  • Fast sort of data columns
  • Multiple filters for definitive data display and output
  • Quick-Find information retrieval
  • Simple user-friendly design
  • Toggled screens for immediate information access


  • Optional payments of cash, check, PayPal, store credit or gift certificate
  • Organized by owner, settlement #, amount, payment, article sold and settlement
  • Single or batch processing
  • Split transactions

Shopping Mall Reports

  • Consignor statements with printable mailing labels and lists
  • Export to QuickBooks
  • Financial reviews
  • Inventory by type/category, consignor, price range, last sale, when discounted
  • Labels: small/medium/large/jewelry, adhesive/non-adhesive, address and bar-code
  • Sales by day, salesperson, total amount


  • Fill in check and print
  • Fully integrated with payments and consignors
  • Includes fields for notes, phone # and e-mail
  • Output on laser sheets with customizable fields


  • Wizard for a quick start and easy learning
  • Editable built-in agreements
  • Free local data storage
  • Free unlimited email help - especially for demos
  • Free automatic updates and documents
  • Quick and easy backup and restore
  • Direct Tier II tech access

Bar Code Scanning (Hardware available separately)

  • Assign a series of bar codes automatically
  • Detail description printed below the bar code
  • Either UPCA or UPCE formats
  • New item appears in the invoice list of items
  • Read bar codes that are not assigned
  • Reprint worn bar codes individually

Cash Drawer/Receipt Printing (Hardware available separately)

  • Auto-detect receipt and document printers
  • Auto open when receipt prints
  • Integrates drawer and printer
  • Two-ply paper

Shoppers Management

  • Buyers' names, IDs, contact
  • Import old sales records
  • Mailing lists
  • Print address labels

Employee Records

  • Hire and termination
  • Last update, last and recent sales, balance
  • Name, employee number, items sold, consignor, item #
  • Recent commission prints
  • Sold merchandise, commission %, bonuses and subtractions


  • Link multiple locations & stations
  • Location manager and secure log in
  • Network prices far below competitors ($199 per station vs $395)
  • Receipts at point of sale
  • Run sales, settlements, disbursements, reports from the back office
  • Share one Internet connection - one printer

Shopping Mall Property Management Software Storefront Booth Rental Space

This mall lease software contains all functions needed to keep business flowing smoothly. Need a current price? Discount? - just a couple of clicks away including private and public notes regarding buyer, seller and stock. Need a list? Hit the print button. Your clients will be impressed with your shop-keeping organization and you'll be pleased with Best Shopping Mall Software!

Automated Mall Inventory - $595 Once

Unlimited free customer email help and online revisions are included, and you don't have to buy the software to try it out. Test drive the demo. See for yourself how user-friendly and how powerful its systems are. Easy-to-understand illustrated instructions make learning a breeze.

Free Mall Software Demo Download

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