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Used Equine Equipment Resale

Used horse equipment is often placed for sale on consignment because horse-related stores don't want to invest in an inventory of equine supplies. Some items like saddles and racing tack can be quite expensive so consignment allows for stores of equestrian tack to acquire a broader range of potential buyers by displaying their items in horse-related shops.

Types of Horse Tack Shops

An equine store usually sells tack at retail or some form of discount like wholesale or consignment. Another form of marketing is a tack auction. Best Consignment Shop Software supports all forms of sales and has a wide variety of features for tracking consignors, tack, sales, settlements, disbursements (checks), customers and employees. An outlet for new and used equestrian tack can use BCSS to simplify accounting procedures in all facets of tack selling.

Tack Consignment

In a typical store sale, the owner of a tack item enters into an agreement with the tack store owner to place the item on consignment. The agreement stipulates the length of time to attempt to sell the item, the initial price, the amounts the item is to be discounted and when, what % of the sale the shop owner will receive, fees if any and the disposition of the item if it remains unsold after the consignment period.

The store owner has many features with Best Consignment Shop Software -

  • Sales, consignors, inventory, settlements
  • Automatic discounts
  • Agreements - editable & auto-fill
  • House accounts & auto transfer
  • Inventory batch enter-edit-delete
  • Inventory detail with pictures
  • Layaways, Wish Lists
  • Quicken-style checks
  • QuickBooks compatibility
  • 300+ detailed reports
  • Special Promotions
  • Tags and labels - many styles
  • Free updates!
  • World-class reliability!


  • Multiple discounts per item
  • Put sales on hold
  • Split payment six ways
  • Tabbed for multiple processing
  • Tax options per item
  • Update all consignments at once

These options are available in the Diamond Edition:

  • Configurable Barcodes
  • Cash Drawer/Receipt Printer - Till audit any time
  • Thermal Price Labels
  • Networking (multiple computers in one store)

English riding, western, even draft - this software is suited for all types of equestrian supplies sale and resale. Items like saddles and even feed are well-suited for this inventory program. Make an impression at the next horse show with our demo. Arabian, racing, miniature - Any cowboy will be impressed with your ability to produce information quickly and easily using BCSS reports!

Our tack software is used at Western Horse Shows for selling new and used wholesale and discount saddles, boxes, supplies and equipment. It's used at horse auctions and sales for auctioning and selling horses and equestrian equipment. Saddle shops consign riding tack, custom show gear and barrel racing supplies.