Free Live Training

A live demo on your desktop or laptop will assure that the program is right for you prior to purchase. Speak with someone: 888-427-5779.

Deluxe $395

Agreements, receipts, checks, reports, tags and labels are printed with an ink printer on 8.5 x 11 stock. Aging-inventory discounts can be automated or manual. Export to QuickBooks. Use scanners, drawers and receipt printers (3" receipt).

Diamond $595

Deluxe plus professional thermal price tags and labels, connect computers at the same location, employee management, buyer records mall floor-space or booth rentals.

Virtual $795

Adds consignor access to account information online. Consignors can enter inventory online and the shop can download it into inventory.

Intro ($295) is a POS software with a built-in training panel - ideal for teaching new users. Price labels and tags can be printed (but items entered aren't recorded in inventory).

Elegant. Logical. Proven.

Appealing design with soothing colors. Click the image to the right (or below) for a video overview.

Variable features and pricing separating basic and advanced features and price.

No forced prepayments for support.

Free program improvements.

Work from home or anywhere.

Use multiple stations at the same location.

Manage employees, their access and functions.

Option: Pass credit-card charges on to clients.

Option: Allow consignors/vendors to view account information online.

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How to Buy Consignment Software Wisely

Might sound a bit silly but how long are you intending to be in business?

Multiply that number of years by the annual cost of every software program.

You'll have to be careful because finding all costs can be so challenging that it becomes impossible.

So, "Heads up!"

Vendors who say that their support plans are optional have support plans for a reason: They fully intend to see to it that you pay the annual support fee. How? After purchase and perhaps after the money-back period, calls for help are greeted with 'play time is over. If you didn't enroll in the support plan, you have no support and if that doesn't force you to pay the fee, then software updates (often needed to resolve an issue) will be withheld until you do.'

Web-based software costs are harder to hide or disguise. If the monthly rent isn't paid you get evicted. The elephant in the room is the cost of adding additional users or, although you may not be thinking of expanding just yet - the cost to open a second location. Find out now before getting locked in.