Demonstrations of Best Consignment Shop Software

    • Live demo prior to purchase
    • A video overview: BCSS Basics.
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Demos and videos are available so you can determine for yourself that BCSS is right for you.

If there are any difficulties with installation, please invite our technician onto your computer to assist - 888-427-5779.

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There are a few reasons for demoing a software program prior to purchase. Primarily we want to know what it looks like, how dependable it is, how easy it is to use and that it has all of the features we need and possibly some features that are not required but 'nice to have'.

Software vendors make demos of their programs available for those reasons and others: A demo is a handy tool for reviewing software features and teaching how to use the functions. Of course it is the hope of most software providers that the shop uses 'real data', becomes accustomed to if not dependent upon the software, ultimately leading to purchase, which might be a reason why we see expensive software programs with demo periods of up to 90 days - get really get that entrenchment set in to the exclusion of considering any other software program.