Michigan Resale Software

A special program for Resale POS

Best Consignment Software for Resale in Michigan

The 'best' part about Best Consignment Shop Software is that there are no ongoing fixed expenses with this software system. Payment is made once and there are no service 'plans' or contracts locking store owners into forced payments for 'support' that historically have increased in amount like clockwork.

No, maybe the 'best' part is the initial low price - lower than all other programs because price is not padded with big prepayments for support.

We do things a little differently - and better! Software vendors typically use software as a 'lead product'. The purchase of the software is just the beginning of payments from the shop to the software provider and the label used for the payments is 'support'. Over a period of time shops falling into that trap will spend more money on 'support' than they will have spent initially for the software.

The difference is that there is no prepayment for support and when help is needed, payment is made at time. That way, if help is never needed then there will have been no payments for support. Moreover, the rate charged for assistance is about half that charged by local IT services and we are the most qualified to attend to issues related to computers, Windows, networking and our own software.

Michigan's Secondhand Dealers And Junk Dealers Act 350 of 1917 states that anyone dealing in second-hand goods must be licensed so that raises the question of licensing for shops that engage in purchasing used merchandise (from individuals) for resale.

Section 1(2) seems contradictory: "This section does not require... a person engaged in the sale, purchase, consignment, or trade of personal property... to obtain a license."

Please feel free to call if you need help or just have questions, 888-427-5779.

You may have noticed that a couple of our competitors are individuals who resort to name bashing as a well of attempting to discredit BCSS and sell their high-priced products and services.

Look to the BBB and Facebook for independent verified reviews.

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