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Buy Outright (Resell) Software

Best Consignment Shop Software processes resale, retail and consignment transactions.

Resale, Thrift, Consignment and Retail

  • checkiconResale is generally the buying of (used) merchandise from individuals and reselling it.
  • checkiconThrift is more about donations to charities, churches and organizations like Good Will for resale.
  • checkiconConsignment puts individually-owned items up for sale by a consignor.
  • checkiconRetail is the business of buying (new) merchandise from suppliers and reselling it.

Resale Software

Resale software is different from consignment software in several ways:

  • checkiconBoth types of programs record items as they are taken into inventory but resale software records the price paid for items at purchase where consignment software does not record payment to the item's owner until the item is sold.
  • checkiconUpon sale of items, resale software credits purchasers' accounts with 100% of the sale proceeds. Consignment software divides sales proceeds between consignors and shop owners.
  • checkicon'Settlement' is usually made at the time of purchase of items with resale software. Settlement is not made with consignment software until shops pay consignors for their share of the sales proceeds.
  • checkiconConsignment software allows for the discounting of aged inventory while resale software typically does not discount unsold merchandise.
  • checkiconConsignment software alerts as to when unsold items should be returned (donated, destroyed or transferred to house ownership) while resale software can keep items on the books until they are liquidated.

Resale and consignment software have some important similarities:

  • checkiconPrice tags can be printed (with or without barcodes) with the item IDs, descriptions, categories, dates in...
  • checkiconItem IDs can contain letters and numbers which indicate sellers or consignors.
  • checkiconShops can have multiple accounts for precise tracking of sellers and goods.
  • checkiconA selling agreement can be edited and printed for each seller or consignor.
  • checkiconAny credit-card processor can be used with either program and PCI compliance does not apply.

BCSS Software

Best Consignment Shop Software is a software program combining inventory, accounting, contact management, sales, settlements and disbursement for resale, thrift, retail and consignment. It tracks the amount paid for items, sale prices and store profits. It produces reports from sales tax and settlements owed to what inventory sold and on hand. With it stores can print buy-outright and consignment agreements, price labels, receipts (with slogans or messages), checks and over 300 reports.

BCSS is lowest in price and there are no annual fees. Software updates are included for the life of the software. It is QuickBooks compatible and data can be exported in spread-sheet format. There's even a Rewards Program, and if needed, items can be reported to the police. Clearly this program is the optimal choice for shop owners who do their homework!

More On Consignment

Consignment stores (consignees) act as resellers of merchandise that remains in the ownership of consignors. No money changes hands until property is sold. The consignment shop takes a percentage of sales proceeds and pays the remainder to the owner.

Typically items that remain unsold for a relatively short period of time (like 30 days) are marked down in price to move them out of inventory. If product remains in the store longer than the holding period, it is either returned to the owner, donated (to organizations like Habitat for Humanity), destroyed or transferred to shop ownership.