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Best Consignment Shop Software processes resale, retail and consignment transactions.

Resale, Thrift, Consignment and Retail

Resale Software

Resale software is different from consignment software in several ways:

Resale and consignment software have some important similarities:

BCSS Software

Best Consignment Shop Software is a software program combining inventory, accounting, contact management, sales, settlements and disbursement for resale, thrift, retail and consignment. It tracks the amount paid for items, sale prices and store profits. It produces reports from sales tax and settlements owed to what inventory sold and on hand. With it stores can print buy-outright and consignment agreements, price labels, receipts (with slogans or messages), checks and over 300 reports.

BCSS is lowest in price and there are no annual fees. Software updates are included for the life of the software. It is QuickBooks compatible and data can be exported in spread-sheet format. There's even a Rewards Program, and if needed, items can be reported to the police. Clearly this program is the optimal choice for shop owners who do their homework!

Call 888-427-5779 for a free live demo prior to purchase to assure that all needed features are available and that the software works properly. The demo can be performed remotely and please note that this is not a 'sales call' but a software demonstration. Here's a video overview.

More On Consignment

Consignment stores (consignees) act as resellers of merchandise that remains in the ownership of consignors. No money changes hands until property is sold. The consignment shop takes a percentage of sales proceeds and pays the remainder to the owner.

Typically items that remain unsold for a relatively short period of time (like 30 days) are marked down in price to move them out of inventory. If product remains in the store longer than the holding period, it is either returned to the owner, donated (to organizations like Habitat for Humanity), destroyed or transferred to shop ownership.

Easy on the Pocketbook

Over 3,000 stores have partnered with us since 2001.

Those store owners collectively saved over $3,000,000 (three millions dollars) by choosing BCSS over other programs.

They paid way less up front and they haven't paid monthly or annual 'support fees'.

We are here to help so please call - 888-427-5779.